Skye Thorstenson


Member Since November 10, 2002

Skye-Auric Thorstenson is a graduate of AAC-SF with a BFA in filmmaking and a background in painting and comic illustration. Having also received an AA in Graphic Design through MIAD and Silver Lake College he worked for companies such as Roaring Tiger Films, Maximum PC, MacWorld, West Ed as a graphic designer, editor, and digital artist. Skye also free-lances for Wildbrain Inc./Happy Town (a joint animation studio based in San Francisco) – where he free-lances his services as a Colorist/Background Painter/Digital Production Artist & Animator's Assistant. He is currently attending for an MFA in film/video.

Skye Thorstenson's body of art focus’s on exploring alienation, identity crisis, body dysmorphia, urban anxiety, asphyxiation, deconstruction, and organic phenomena all tinted with bright primary colors, melodramatic gestures, and an absurd sense of humor.

Most of his artwork is also cultivated by his childhood growing up in rural Wisconsin, and appreciation of the surrealist movement coupled with his fascination of a plethora of interests that range from psychology, astrology, biology and cultural myths and paranormal phenomena.

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