Shaun Belcher

Member Since October 6, 2007

“Liked most of the artwork except the Shaun Belcher works as I felt my 5 year old could do better paintings that that. I couldnt see the point in it.”
Anonymous comment on Lincoln show

”Belcher is different again, here showing rough cartoons whose hero is Moogee the Art Dog, wandering through the minefield of the contemporary art establishment. The cartoons are openly hostile rather than merely satirical, the tickboxy culture brutally castigated by Belcher’s spleen probably deserving such a good savaging “
MARK PATTERSON, Nottingham Evening Post ‘TYPO’ show review 20.10.06

“… Shaun Belcher, a freelance journalist. Belcher also provides all the lyrics for the record. His writing seems steeped in the nostalgic melancholy of Woody Guthrie or even Thomas Hardy and works very well in a peculiarly English way.”
(Trailer Star Moon Over The Downs CD) AMERICANA-UK.COM

“He’s an impressive and authentically steeped writer and deservedly gets an equally impressive if largely little known roster of contributors to interpret his material.”

“Belcher cannot be accused of nostalgia or pastoral myth-making but is as vituperative in tone as Larkin”

..the poems… individually and cumulatively preserve aspects of identity and genealogy rooted in a particular soil and way of life.. …an underlying humaneness.”

Born Oxford, England, 1959
Oxford Polytechnic Foundation Art & Design 1977-1978
Hornsey College of Art : B.A. Fine Art 1978-1981.
Derby University Postgrad. Cert. in Arts Practice 2007-2008

Had series of successful London painting exhibitions through 1980’s and art used on record sleeves for WEA Records and Creation Records.

Moved back to Oxfordshire 1989 -1992 and worked in downland to create the ‘Chalk Downs ‘ set of drawings.

Exhibited at The Rocket Press in 1991 alongside Ray Howard Jones, Robin Tanner and Edward Bawden
(Rocket Press now Rocket Gallery, London).

Moved to Edinburgh 1994 and created ‘McThistle’ suite of etchings at Edinburgh College of Art 1994-5.

Moved to Nottingham U.K. 2002

Trained as teacher at Nottingham University (P.G.C.C.E) 2004

Currently living in Nottingham and now multimedia lecturer at Trent University, freelance web designer and practicing digital artist.

Published poet (see Writing website) and performing songwriter (Songwriter website)
and music reviewer see Flyinshoes Music.

Multimedia Lecturer Trent University 2007 -

Specialist research areas:

Web design, digitally constructed identities, contemporary theory, counter-narratives, psychogeography, Ali*, collaborative/community networks. (*Artist’s Led Initiatives)