Sergey Teterin
Since 2002
Works in Perm City Russian Federation

Sergey Teterin (b. 1969) - Russian media artist. He lives and works in the in the city of Perm, Urals region, Russia. I n the past, he was an organizer of "Read_Me 1.2" software art festival (2002, director) and "Machinista 2003/2004" media art festivals (director, curator) in Russia and Scotland; participated in a lot of media art exhibitions and festivals in Russia, Germany, Austria, UK, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Latvia.
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The Gallery for Contemporary Art in Perm, Russia is paying visitors for viewing contemporary video art. The first payments were issued to visitors on July 2nd in Perm and has been met with resounding success by the audience.

Sergey Teterin, founder of the VideoTochka (Video-Point) gallery:


The 1st Post-Soviet Summer Camp in Latvia

Mon Jun 05, 2006 00:00 - Sat Apr 29, 2006

June 5 - 11, 2006, The Residency Center for Artists in Aizpute, Latvia

'Artists against technology standards


Machinista 2004 DVD download


'Full Screen Robovision' is the collection of short films selected from the moving image works amongst the 259 entries uploaded on the online gallery . Experimental / scientific imaging, video art, software art, animations and VJ mixes were entered in response to an open call to illustrate the idea of "the world as seen by the machines".

The complete full-resolution DVD (including artwork) is downloadable from:

[via bittorrent and the Open Source movie archive]

screening time: 1H30.
VJ mode: 28 individually looping tracks.
Feel free to copy and distribute the MACHINISTA DVD on a not-for-profit basis.


David Bernard, UK
Sergey Teterin, Russia

MACHINISTA arts & tech festival


MACHINISTA Festival presentations in Latvia

Wed Mar 09, 2005 00:00 - Wed Feb 23, 2005

MACHINISTA Festival presentations in Latvia
March 9 - 10, 2005

RIXC Media Space, 11. Novembra krastmala 35
Riga, Latvia 09.03.2005 | 18.00
"New Age of Television".

Russian media artist Aristarkh Chernyshev (Moscow) will present his installations "Final Adjustment" and "Chewing Dirt".
In the interactive installation by Aristarkh Chernyshev "Final Adjustment" visitors can test "TV sets of the Future". The project was selected for shortlist in the International Arts and Technology festival "Machinista 2004". New teleinstallation by Aristarkh Chernyshev "Chewing Dirt" offers the critical point of view on the sense of TV. (

Curator of the International Arts and Technology festival "Machinista" Sergey Teterin (Perm) will present the festival ( and the best works of participants as well as his new project "Movie-Mincer" (

RIXC Media Space, 11. Novembra krastmala 35
Riga, Latvia 10.03.2005 | 18.00
"Full Screen Robovision".

"Full Screen Robovision" is the collection of short films selected from the best moving image works amongst the 260 entries uploaded during the 2004 edition of . Experimental/ scientific imaging, video art, software art, animations and VJ mixes were entered in response to an open call to illustrate the idea of "the world as seen by the machines".

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Residencies and presentations of Aristarkh Chernyshev and Sergey Teterin are organised by Residencies and Information Centre (RIC) for Artists in Riga ( in collaboration with RIXC - Centre for New Media Culture (

The development of Artists-in-Residence (AIR) program is based on collaboration between the inovative local and international art organizations and artists. AIR aims to contribute to creative development in many fields of art through providing social and cultural platform for work. The AIR program enables artists and arts scholars to work on individual and collaboration projects. Artists are welcome to apply and are encouraged to develop cooperative projects with local artists and arts institutions as part of their residency project.

RIXC is the joint effort of a number of independent local cultural groups working in the fields of new media, art, film, music, youth culture and the social projects. The aim of the centre is to bridge the traditional gap between 'high' and popular culture and the divisions between various youth, sub- and minority cultures. The RIXC intends to become a meeting place for different types of culture on local and international scale.

RIXC is the member of NICE network (Nordic-Baltic-North-East European network for small scale innovative initiatives in the field of new media culture (, and takes part in other international and cross disciplinary networks, co-projects and mailing-lists in the field of new media culture in Europe, Canada and other parts of the world.


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"Machinista-2004" arts & tech festival in Glasgow, UK

Thu May 06, 2004 00:00 - Fri Apr 30, 2004

Dear friends,

Here is the final program of "Machinista-Glasgow" arts & tech festival in Glasgow, UK, 6 - 9 May 2004.


Sergey Teterin, David Bernard and Robb Mitchell

Machinista 2004 Festival
art from the machine # artists against machinic standards # full screen robovision


Glasgow 6-9th May 2004


Thursday 6th May:
Machinista 2003 review@ CCA
19:00 - 20:30, Free
Sergey Teterin, Danya Lebedev, Danja Vasiliev, Sonia Mavzalevskaya.
A multi-media presentation from the organisers of the first Machinista Festival. View the key works and hear how artists from Perm brought worldwide attention to a new festival.
Presentation: Movie Mincer (S.Teterin 2004), an old soviet mincer used as a laptop-connected device to manually generate video streams.

+ + +

Friday 7th May:
Festival Opening @ CCA
17:30 - 20.30, free
Category supervisors' review of highlights from the 2004 online exhibition:
Art from the Machine: Gleams of the Inhuman - James Coupe (UK) + Roman Arefiev (KAZ)
Artists Against Machinic Standards - Maria X (UK) + Rustam Sabirov (RU)
Full Screen Robovision - Vadim Epstein (RU) and David Bernard (UK)

8-bit Cabaret @ CCA
22:30 - 03:00
Audio and video artists against machinic standards return to the lo-tech aesthetics of blocky ASCII graphics and crunchy digital sounds, typical of C64 & ZX Spectrum 8-bit processors.

Audiovisual sets by:
Videohometraining (NL / USA) : 2-D micromusic & AV gameshow
Viewmysourcecode + Spoonbender (UK) : robotic biofeedback synchro mix in 8-bit AV
Mr Electron (UK) : distorted dinner party muzak for androids
Ignorant (UK) : experimental needles meets gameboy
Idealword (SP) : Enrique Radigales' Copyleft ASCII image environment
Terra Rotatum (UK) : Peter Hofer's spinning TV & camera relativity sculpture

Screenings: Machinista DVD, Georg Muehleck, the C-Men, Notendo, Beflix
Sound system / audio engineering by Mungo's Hi-Fi

+ + +

Saturday 8th May:
Machinista Seminar @ Glasgow Science Centre
17:00 - 20:30, free admission but limited capacity
email for reservations

AI, A-Life & artistic practices discussed by the Machinista platform contributors:
Teresa Dillon (Nesta Futurelab), Josh Hale (Glasgow Uni), James Coupe (South Bank Uni) Dr Ciaran Wills (R & D, Framestore CFC), Adam Nieman (Nesta Futurelab) and Sergey Teterin ( Machinista founder). Arrive early for a breathtaking visual 3-D presentation by the Science Centre's Virtual Science Theatre team.

Machinista Club @ Glasgow School of Art
22:30 - 03:00,
Sounds and Art from the Machine in 3 clubs:

Eskrima - experimental electronica in the Main Hall featuring:
Solar X & EPS (RU) : Russia's premier electronic musician & the country's leading VJ
ap02 (UK) : baroque modular AV performance by self-coding hardware network

Screenings :
D-fuse (UK) : manipulated sonic visualisations of hidden online data flows
TelcoSystems (NL) : algorhythmically-generated audiovisual organics

Divine - in the Vic Bar
with Sci-Fi soul installations: Trails #2, ASCIIcam

The Freakmenoovers - in the Vic Gallery showcasing robotic hiphop with:
eJK (USA) : optical vinyl-to-video scratch mixing using the world famous EJ turntable- Sponsor of the Machinista Club.

+ + +

Sunday 9th May:
Street Performance @ secret city-centre location 14:00 - 15:00, free
Richair 2030 (UK/USA/TWN/RU/LAT/AUS) : renegade rollergirls take over the streets for a live audiovisual performance in this wireless post-netcrash scenario.

Wind & solar powered sound system by Ray-Mundo.

FOSS Cafe @ Mono 15:00 - 17:30, free
a meeting point and workshop for the Free Open Source Software community organised by Simon Yuill. Speakers:James Wallbank (Lowtech), Bob Kerr (ELUG), Lawrence Liang (Alternative Law Forum- India)

Machinista Festival Finale @ The Arches 16:00 - 0:00
A diverse and adventurous chillout bonanza packed with an inspiring blend of music, screenings, performances, installations and interactions.

Richair 2030 (UK/USA/TWN/RU/LAT/AUS) : renegade rollergirls' dancemix
Prometheus (GR) : Yiannis Melanitis' mythic suspension ritual with hexapod robot
Avatar Body Collision (UK/NZ/FIN/SER) : globally dispersed cybertheatre demo
Z-Lab (FR) : multilingual cybernetic presentation showcasing miniature DIY-robots
Ablab (UK) : one-fingered musician generating florid labyrinths of sound and colour
The Inner Machine (UK) : multiple homemade lab machines & audio-visual performance
Feedback Society (NL) : video vortex-generation from drill-mounted wireless camera
T. Dillon + I am the Mighty Jungulator (UK) : live self-generative AI / aLife AV mix
24-7v2 (UK) : Ben Dembroski's post-industrial ping-pong system
Hell's Angles (sic) (UK) : Martin Parker's sonic environment for virtual motorbikes
Foveola (UK) : neuromorphic shape-recognition software demo | Rob Kennedy (UK)

Screenings: Machinista DVD and entries from Georg Muehleck / Barbara Rauch / Karin Krog, Gail Wight, Mark Amerika / Trace Reddell / Rick Silva, Regis Ferguson Collective, France Cadet, David H. Schwarz, Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), La lacono and Em_space.

Sound system / audio engineering by The Unit

+ + +

Monday 10th May:
Wireless workshop @ CCA
14:00 - 18:00, Free
By performance artists and Freenetwork activists Richair 2030.

Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery
Performances of kinetic sculptures (50 min)
Tuesday and Thursday 7pm
Matinee for families with young children (40 min) - Sunday @ 3pm