Sarah Fischer

Member Since February 16, 2004

I was born in San Juan, P.R. on October 3, 1966 and am 1st generation American. I'm part- Haitian, Austrian, French and English. Everyday is a growth experience and I pray that I find my way. (This is serious businesss! :D)

I've been creating art steadily since 2000. I currently work primarily in digital format - abstract designs using Photoshop and Painter 7; and digital photography.

Interacting with people, color, music, and things that remind me of home and make me feel at home, all move me.

Being "clear" in myself and with the world is important to me. Also important: music, nature, art, laughter and smiles, joy, good will, sharing from the heart, good times.

Appreciation is something I enjoy doing. And I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

Thank you.