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Gara Gillentine is an artist and poet who has for years created art through the traditional techniques of painting and collage, but now mainly uses a computer, scanner, and printer for expressing her ideas. She is interested in combing the written word wtih her imagery as well as found imagery and objects and uses her poetry or found texts which can include things such as html code, error messages, algebraic equations, or any other manner of found bits of text.

Growing up as a military child, she lived in and travelled through many areas of the U.S. As an adult, she also continued to move and live in different states and different areas of her home state of Mississippi.

Late in life, she decided to get her BFA degree in painting and attended The University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS. She graduated in 1994 and continued with graduate work in art education and computer image making. She never touched a mouse until the summer of 1998 and that mouse and the Mac changed her artistic direction. You can view more of her work at