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Here are some facts about adding permanent penis size. Since studies show that nearly 80% of men say they are unhappy with the size of their penis, it is time to reveal a method for enlargement that really works. Unfortunately, most of the products you see advertised in magazines and on television are just junk! Very few of them will produce any size gains at all. VigRX - VigRX Plus Scam - VigRX Plus Reviews - VigRX Plus

If your goal is to add 2 to 4 inches to your penis you will need to ignore the hype that the heavily advertised products use, and begin using a method that has produced steady penis growth for over 95% of the men who use it. What method is it? Keep reading!

Before we reveal the best way to make your penis much thicker, and add those extra inches of length, here are a few facts about some other methods being used today.

Penis Extenders, Stretchers and Pumps

These contraptions cause more injuries than gains. Blisters and bruises are common, and it could be worse. It is not unusual for these gadgets to injure the blood vessels and capillaries, causing deformity and permanent impotence. The one thing they will not create is permanent growth. Avoid these gimmicks. They will not produce growth, and the risk of injury is just too great.

Male Enhancement Pills

These pills are sold by the billions! It's just too bad the success stories are so few and far between! There is no scientific proof that any pill can ever produce growth. They make your erections harder for a brief time, but harder is not bigger. Adding permanent penis size takes more effort than just swallowing a few pills.