Riccardo Zanardelli

Member Since June 3, 2014

Hi. I’m Riccardo Zanardelli and my work belongs to Generative Art, as it is generally categorized. Since 2002 I create digital artworks based on the class-instance concept, which is typical of the object-oriented programming. I do not concentrate on the production of a unique piece of art (like a painting on canvas or a sculpture), but on creating a general set of rules encoded into a programming language (the class) which generate different visual results (instances) at each execution. It’s like a perpetual, endless digital artwork, living its own life in the browser’s window. This is what I do.

I have always been focused on web-based technologies like Java, HTML, PHP and Javascript. I believe this approach creates the best conditions for a wide and distributed audience, together with a decentralized computing relying on the client resources instead of on a central server-based approach that can be also subject of rapid obsolescence.

One of my first works, Instance City (2002), has been featured at the Biennale of Art Contemporaine de Montreal 2004, WebArt Section. Instance City has been also included in the ArtBase collection on rhizome.org (NY), one of the most important permanent collection of new media art worldwide and now part of the New Museum.

Today my work is still centered on the same idea, but the focus is now on browser-based works displayed through the mobile medium. The limits of these platforms transform this research into a beautiful creative challenge. All the works you find here are coded, tested and published using only my iPhone. The latest ones experiment the use of the motion data to make the generative process interact with the user’s space, to create a unique signature of the human gestures into the digital space.

Riccardo (@rzanardelli)