Ronnie Shahmoon


Member Since March 21, 2007

Ronnie Shahmoon is an entrepreneur, artist, inspirational author and passionate speaker on self-empowerment issues. As an executive director and owner of O&H Properties, one of the largest private UK property investment and development companies he has driven the group’s expansion into large-scale regeneration including Hampton, which provides in excess of 10,000 new homes in southern Peterborough on brownfield land.

The focus of all of his work is to guide people towards their own inner-potential so that they may harness the true power that they hold within. He is a champion of clear thinking strategies for individuals and commercial organisations alike, promoting a more productive future by resolving inner conflict.

This forms the basis of his approach to business. His strong belief is that people work best when they have clear focused objectives and a real support from those around them. These foundations, he claims, are fundamental for any business that truly wishes to nurture its employees and grow in a sustainable way.

In 1999, at the age of 29, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This illness has not only shaped his character as an individual teaching him many hard but vital lessons about life. As a result he spent much time examining his own perspectives on life, often expressing his thoughts as artistic works.

He is a wonderfully entertaining and uplifting speaker who captivates his audiences with integrity. Always speaking from the heart he blends his personal experiences with the subject matter delivering an authentic message with his own inimitable style.

Ronnie lives in London with his wife Suzette and four daughters.