Rob Myers
Since 2003
Works in United States of America

Rob Myers is an artist and hacker based in the UK.

I have been creating images of the contemporary social and cultural environment through programming, design software and visual remixing since the early 1990s. My work is influenced by popular culture and high art in equal measures. My interest in remixing and sampling has led to my involvement in the Free Culture movement. I have been involved in the public consultation regarding the Creative Commons 2.0 and CC-UK licenses. All my visual art is available under a Creative Commons license.

My interest in programming has led to my involvement with the Free Software movement. I developed the Macintosh version of the Gwydion Dylan programming language compiler. All my software is available under the GNU GPL.
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Third Attempt

Filter out John Michael Boling's ventriloquial self-promotion and the front page is a succession of interesting and informative posts. Ceci's news picks are great for example, Loshadka or not.


WGBH Boston sandbox

It's NC, which is fail for a public institution, but better than the BBC which wrote its own NC license.


A Feast for Your Eyezz

newer work seems to be largely about running around and exploring those environments, then generating responses.

In a way that JODI's 404 wasn't? ;-)


Pissed Off Artists Allegedly Urinate on Kruger Art

Cheap and about twenty five years late. Just as much music seems currently to be a pastiche of the worst cheese of the 1980s, so it would seem much artistic activity is

It's also sexist (why Kruger and not an equally deserving male artist?) and a bit pathetic (they could only reach the floor?).

Rather than feeding the oxygen of publicity to Kruger's picture post pastiche issue porn couldn't they just try Pissing In A River?


On being

ps. Perhaps you didn't notice that I was using the process ID. $$ is one of those quirky "special variables" in Perl. It returns the process ID so $exist = $$; contains the process ID.

Oops. Sorry. I have now learnt a new Perl built-in variable.