Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga
Since the beginning
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga enjoys combining video, animation, the internet and interactivity into sculptural or virtual works that investigate various social issues. Ricardo is based in New York City.
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People's RNC Guide

Dear Rhizome Community,
The People's Guide to the Republican National Convention is online and
20,000 printed copies have been published and are in distribution
throughout the city:

So if you're ready to protest, or are in need of available public toilets,
or would like to know the corporate sponsors of the RNC as well as much,
much more get informed at
http://www.rncguide.com/ or look for the map...



Bowery Project

hello rhizome community,
if any of you are interested in the history of NYC's Bowery neighborhood,
I've assembled a site that presents research, links and articles on the
history of the bowery as well as current transformation:


the site stems from a current installation for the new museum's counter
culture exhibition that will close this saturday... if you're in nyc
check out the show, there's a particularly nice installation by flux
factory at the martial arts store on bowery just above prince. although
the works are open throughout the week, the final curator guided tour is
saturday the 14th, from 2-3:30pm meeting on Bowery at Prince, in front of
the parking lot- future home of the new museum.



Public Broadcast Cart

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Radio walks for public.exe:Public Execution

On Wednesday June 16th 11am-2pm; Saturday June 26th, noon to 3pm and July
14th, 11am-2pm, The Public Broadcast Cart will be pushed from Exit Art (at
36th Street and 10th Avenue) to NIKOLA TESLA corner at (40th Street and
Avenue of the Americas). The cart will be stationed near the TESLA corner
in Bryant Square Park as a temporary public broadcasting radio station
online via http://radio.thing.net/ ( or tune your mp3 player to:
and miniFM in the immediate area. These radio walks are part of the
exhibition public.exe: Public Execution presented by Exit Art.


The June 16th walk will begin with street announcements of the Critical
Art Ensemble being subpoenaed in USA Patriot Act Case. Regardless of how
the indictment hearing may turn out, people must know of the invasiveness
of this act. The announcement will be followed by discussions with artist
Andrea Polli and two artists visiting from China - Gao Brothers.




Hi RHIZOME folk,
I'm spreding the word on a new project that I've been working on, NEXUM
ATM, it's both an interactive installation and a web site, please check it
out when you get a chance:


The installation will be on view at the Bronx Museum through Sept. 28th,
as part of the AIM23 exhibition. The opening is on Wed. July 16th from
6:30-8:30 pm. If you're around please stop by, you can find directions to
the museum at:

NEXUM ATM, an interactive video piece in the form of an ATM, presents a
histoy of US global imperialism toward ten small and largely poor
countries. The ten countries represent a history of imperialism dating
back to the 1820's to the present. Nexum is the latin word meaning
getting out of debt through slavery.

Accompanying the physical ATM is a web site:


The site is informational depository to contest the actions of the Bush
administration by presenting information and links toward civil
mobilization. The site features an atlas of intervention, the Nexum
Anthem, interviews with individuals concerning the US's global status...


p.s. In september look for a second ATM installed at a free public
location in NYC.


1000 iCONS

In today's global climate, one can almost expect a new disaster reported
in the daily headlines. Ricardo Miranda Zuniga has created an
icon-based page that maps the deaths reported in the headlines of the
New York Times online. 1000 icons represent a 1000 human being. From
June 15th to August 25th one icon will disappear for each death reported
on the front page of the New York Times Online. The space from which
the icons disappear will be populated by a new icon representing how the
reported death(s) occurred. If the death(s) occurred due to an act of
aggression, the new icon will be accompanied by a flag or emblem
representing the nation, organization or individual claiming responsibility.
Below the icons are listed each day's death headline(s) and a calendar of
past mappings.