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Artefact festival 2012

Tue Feb 14, 2012 17:00 - Thu Feb 23, 2012

Leuven, Belgium

Artefact festival for art & media
14 > 23 FEB 2012
STUK arts centre Leuven, Belgium

programme online: www.artefact-festival.be

The title and theme of this eleventh edition of Artefact is The Social Contract. This term has been used in political and philosophical theories since the 17th century, but still emerges regularly today, in interviews with politicians, political party programs, debates, ... Even the early adopters of the social contract theory, such as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, used and interpreted the concept in different ways. The classical interpretation concerns the relation between the individual as a citizen and a political entity, in which the individual sacrifices part of his freedom and power in order for the state to offer for instance safety and social and economic security. But what is the position of the social contract in our current times of crisis in a globalized world?

One of the festival's main questions is whether we can renegotiate or reform those 'contracts'. Can we cancel them, rewrite them? The programme focuses on different forms of resistance and imagination. With exhibitions, performances, debates and meetings with international artists, we look for the position and alternatives for The Social Contract in our contemporary information and network society.

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Artefact festival for art and media | THE EMERGENCE OF THINGS

Tue Feb 15, 2011 19:00 - Thu Feb 24, 2011

Leuven, Belgium

The Emergence of Things brings together some 20 artists who investigate the fundamental components or ‘elementary particles’ of media, technology and their production processes. Like anatomical surgeons or archaeologists, they dissect our everyday instruments and image production. Some artists approach the theme from the social or political implications of certain ‘tools’ and the power structures that are interwoven with them. Others have a more structural and conceptual working method. These artists focus not on the content, but on the infrastructures and production standards of diverse media. They reveal a strong engagement in fathoming the depths of these microstructures, material attributes and mechanisms.
‘Imploding’ technology and media are here separated from their original objectives. They fold, as it were, back onto themselves. By way of fragmented investigations they look for knowledge about how they work. Often, they involve a return to basics and a challenge to find alternative uses.
The word ‘emergence’ primarily refers to ‘the appearance’ of something or its ‘rising to the surface’. In the sciences and philosophy, however, it can also have a more profound meaning. It is a term for complex systems and patterns that originate from a multiplicity of small, relatively simple interactions and procedures. Characteristics come into being which are not visible or present in the underlying components or levels. The whole is more than the sum of the parts.
expo | YoHa - Harwood, Wright, Yokokoji - Herman Asselberghs | Fairuz - Julius von Bismarck | Benjamin Maus - Alexander Gutke - Simon Starling -Angela Bulloch - Miks Mitrevics | Kristine Kursisa - Gebhard Sengmüller - Dieter Kiessling - Robert Morris - Carla Arocha | Stéphane Schraenen - Joëlle Tuerlinckx - Morgan Fisher - Wim Janssen - Ludo Engels | Stefaan Quix
performance | Hans W. Koch - Julien Maire - Patricia Portela - Frederik Croene - Kris Verdonck


Harun Farocki

Sat May 02, 2009 00:00 - Thu Apr 16, 2009


Harun Farocki began his career as a film director and was editor of Filmkritik, a magazine in which (from 1974 to 1984) he articulated an important set of theoretical ideas about the image. Employing a wide range of media, his own work analyses the convergences of war, economics and politics within the social space. In parallel to this, since the early 1990s he has been making video tapes and installations concerned with the production and processing of images in the media and the institutions that disseminate them.

STUK co-produced (in collaboration with Jeu de Paume in Paris) his new work Immersion. For this video installation Farocki visited a workshop organised by the Institute for Creative Technologies, a research centre for virtual reality and computer-simulations. One of their projects concerns the development of a therapy for war-veterans suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Farocki is interested in the use of virtual realities and games in the recruting, training and now also therapy for soldiers. In this exhibition Immersion is shown together with Inextinguishable Fire (1969) and the Eye/Machine trilogy (2000-2003).

STUK arts centre
Naamsestraat 96
3000 Leuven

Opening: sat 2 May 09 . 19:00
Open: 10 May - 14 June 09
wed-thu 14:00 - 21:00
fr-sat-sun 14:00 - 18:00



ARTEFACT festival 08

Tue Feb 12, 2008 00:00 - Wed Jan 30, 2008


ARTEFACT festival 08
festival for art & new media
12>17 feb 2008
STUK arts centre Leuven, Belgium
info & program: www.artefact-festival.be


... presents work of artists that try to capture, record or reconstruct a certain moment, a space or an emotion. They look into the relations and differences between human, machine or digital memories; between a personal and a collective memory.

Installations, performances and concerts of artists with very different backgrounds are presented side by side. There are several threads running through the program and the exhibition. A part of the selected works originates from objective and subjective data collected by artists during their travels. They give places and experiences a new spatiality, open for visitors to scan and explore themselves.

Other works and performances analyze the power of media when it comes to the representation of history and how we remember it. The main focus lies on the impact on our perception of the world, of small and big events. Artists deconstruct the very nature of television, internet, film, and the cinematographic image. They investigate the moment or the space that demarcates the boundary between an event and its representation.

exhibition with: Spencer Finch - Christian Ziegler - Jan De Wulf - Christoph Fink - Jim Campbell - Julien Maire - Malcolm Le Grice - Manon de Boer - Akram Zaatari - Jennifer & Kevin McCoy - Jonathan Schipper - Irina Botea - Stefaan Decostere - Harun Farocki

performances: Rabih Mroué - SXS enterprise & Monika Rinck - Xavier Le Roy / Helmut Lachenmann

symposium with: Wendy Chun - Joe Milutis - Leslie Thornton - Thomas Zummer

music: SOME NOTES ON SCELSI with Oren Ambarchi / Stefaan Quix / Keith Rowe / George van Dam - SOME NOTES ON TENNEY by Champ d'Action - Audiostore / Eavesdropper - Kim Hiorthøy - Benjamin Brunn - Milanese - Shackleton - Grimelock - Murcof - Machinefabriek - Modeselektor - Peter Van Hoesen


ARTEFACT festival - 13>18 FEB 2007 - art & new media

13>18 Feburary 2007
festival for ART & NEW MEDIA
STUK arts centre
Leuven - Belgium

Presence and absence. Visible and invisible. This year, ARTEFACT
focuses on artists working within these fields of tension. When do
things become invisible, or where are they appearing? The confrontation
with the visitor's view is most important and the art works very often
seem to look back. STUK is filled with empty, but promising spaces,
images and constructions. Mirrors and virtual mirrors appear
everywhere. Light surprises in the dark. See or don't see, but come and

During the ARTEFACT festival, an experimental program is presented
throughout the STUK building. The international program doesn't focus
on 'new technology' as such. It rather places themes and research areas
in the field of new media in a larger context.

Wesley Meuris - the incredible nightlife in the tropical forest / Jim
Campbell - home movies - divide - reconstruction / Maurice Van
Tellingen - monitor - loudspeaker - venster / Michael Snow - solar
breath (northern cariatyds) / Christophe Girardet - absence / Rafael
Lozano-Hemmer close up / Matthias Muller - phantom / Lawrence Malstaf -=

tollen / Jonathan Schipper - invisible sphere / Wim Janssen - slightly
displaced, yet still focused / Workspace Unlimited -
spac(e)scapes_mirror / John F. Simon, JR. - every icon / Vuk Cosic -
ascii history of moving images / Zoe Beloff - the ideoplastic
materializations of eva c. / Victor Kossakovsky - svyato / Sam
Taylor-Wood - prelude in air - ascension - strings / Herman Asselberghs
- futur anterieur

Brice Leroux - quantum quintet / Arco Renz - P.O.P.E.R.A / Monolake -
studies for thunder live / Jaap Blonk & Golan Levin - ursonography

Tapio Makela / TROIKA / Peter Westenberg / Marc Godts

Bernard Parmegiani / Bernhard Gunter / Ictus - for Philip Guston -
Morton Feldman / Thomas Brinkmann - klick live / Sleeparchive / Kode9
+ the Spaceape / Virus Syndicate / Nathan Fake / Andy Stott

more info on: www.artefact-festival.be=