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hacker artist and musician in Dallas, working a lot with old computer/videogame junk.




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April 26 2012 22:04 on JODI: Street Digital

I take it back what I said about the museum, the museum claims their uptime for the exhibit is good and the twitter feed shows that it's been working most ...
April 26 2012 12:07 on JODI: Street Digital

I loved this show. I thought all the choices in Burnout were incredible.

Too bad the museum isn't keeping it running property. I've curated JODI and a lot of work ...
Aug. 14 2010 13:07 on Required Reading

I agree that it seems a little odd to post this article as "Required Reading" on Rhizome without any disclaimer considering how poor the article is. Me and everyone I ...
Feb. 18 2009 17:46 on Wikipedia Art

I think I prefer: the time I went to the Leonardo DiCaprio entry and it was just the word "gay" copied 1000 times.

Here are the two artists contribution pages ...
Whoa, lot of stuff here! Thanks for the nice comments guys. I was happy with the way the gallery version turned out too. In the future I'll probably be working ...
April 3 2008 22:44 on The Rematerialization of Art

My thing in the show is from Thierry's collection, so they didn't really need my permission. But I'm totally siked to have something in a show with such awesome artists ...