Paul McLean


Member Since October 19, 2006

Artist's Statement of Fact: "The me I thought I was never even existed."

A brief bio: I've been exhibiting for over 20 years now, in galleries, museums, foundations, universities and alternative art spaces. I usually characterize what I do as multi-media/multi-disciplinary art, or 4D art, utilizing traditional and new media. I've done innovative work in digital print and animation, photography, installation, video(projected, monitor- and web-based) and more.

The foundation of everything I do as an artist is painting and drawing. I also have done much work as Lead Artist of collectives. I'm very much dedicated to community art. I've also worked in lots of art-related, arts advocate roles: writing, hosting radio shows, teaching, etc. I've been working with web artists, webmasters and internet-based projects since 1992 or -3.

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