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Media Engineering Design Integration

Mon Jun 08, 2009 00:00 - Mon Jun 08, 2009



Centennial College in Toronto Canada is pleased to announce a new joint post graduate program program, where innovations in robotics technology, the power of the mobile internet and 3D cinematic storytelling will merge to create the next wave of media and entertainment experiences.

The new Media Engineering Design Integration (MEDI) program, starting in January 2010, is a unique post-graduate course offered jointly by Centennial's School of Communications, Media and Design and the School of Engineering, Technology and Applied Science, focused on the development of innovative products and interactive environments that are changing the way we think about media. And amidst a global economic crisis, that could also mean the promise of new ideas, new products and potentially new jobs for the Canadian media industry.

"This program will help to build a new future for the media sector, and create a need for careers that we never dreamed possible 10 years ago," says Nate Horowitz, Dean of the School of Communications, Media and Design at Centennial College. "This program is about inventing what's next, engineering with media and combining these two disciplines to create the future of information and entertainment products."
"Toronto is ideally positioned to take advantage of this new era in media, given its proximity to a number of integrating sectors in media, design, technology and engineering creating an energetic and cross-connecting creative cluster," Horowitz says.

Designed as a unique post-graduate and hybrid program, MEDI is focused on design, production and management of media products and applications for wireless devices, interactive museum and retail installations, digital signage systems and networks and more.

Courses will range from an introduction to media engineering, to design and development, to understanding the marketing cycle, and complemented with an industry field placement. But most important, the program will prepare students to think entrepreneurially and to thrive in a state of constant change and progress.
"Just think, last year only a few people that you knew were probably using Twitter," Horowitz says. "Now it is practically a household name. That is how quickly things are evolving."

For more information, please visit:
Watch our video:

Media Contact: Paul Koidis, Manager, Communications, Marketing and Development / 416.289.5000 ext. 8609


Fast Forward Exhibit and FREE Workshops

Sat Apr 25, 2009 00:00 - Wed Apr 15, 2009

Don't Just Think About it. Experience it.

The Fast Forward Student Exhibit + Interactive Sessions at The Centre for Creative Communications, Centennial College on Saturday, April 25, 2009 gives YOU the opportunity to discover a new world of creative career possibilities in Communications, Media and Design.

Everyone is WELCOME. Admission is FREE.

Attend one of these FREE workshops:

• Animation Basics: Digital Sculpture
• Journalism 101: From The Centre to CNN
• HDTV Studio: The Future of TV
• Life Drawing for Beginners: Your career in visual arts starts here
• Visual Arts Portfolio Workshop: How to get NoTIceD!
• Advertising: Creating the 'Killer' Campaign
• Motion Graphics 101: Design for today and tomorrow

And more. See outstanding student work and visual displays from our art and design, advertising, animation, game design and interactive digital media programs.

Date: Saturday April 25, 2009
Time: 1 - 4 p.m.
Location: The Centre for Creative Communications, Centennial College, Toronto, Canada

This event is ideal for recent high school and university graduates, those thinking of a career change, parents, teachers, and the general public. Everyone is welcome.

Register Now

For advanced registration or to book large groups, student tours and visits, please contact Paul Koidis at Walk-in visitors also welcome.


Storytelling Webinar

Wed Oct 31, 2007 00:00 - Mon Oct 29, 2007

"A good story cannot be devised; it has to be distilled.”

If the author of that line, U.S. crime writer Raymond Chandler, only knew how right he was, back in 1947. In today’s environment of YouTube, Google, Podcasting and the worldwide blogosphere, nearly every storyline gets broadcast, dissected and re-packaged - or distilled - almost the moment it’s published. That doesn’t diminish the original act of storytelling. In fact, it makes storytelling tools of research, analysis and the creation of good tales even more valuable to a culture.

That’s part of the rationale for Centennial College’s first ever Storytelling Webinar, a two-hour online seminar to be webcast from the School of Communications, Media and Design, Centennial College, on Oct. 31, 2007.

The session - open to students, faculty and staff at the college - will feature a panel of experienced storytellers and a moderator offering a taste of storytelling by word of mouth and into cyberspace. Five panelists will all offer stories and their views on the state of the art.

Rita Deverell - broadcaster and theatre artist
Dennis Murphy - director, producer and murder mystery writer
Chris Terry - singer-songwriter, director, producer
Mark O’Connell - fine artist and fashion designer
Ted Barris - author and journalist

But the story doesn’t end there. During the webcast, participants will invite the online audience to join them. And following the event, all panelists will continue a dialogue with the Webinar audience, by blogging their responses to questions, queries and comments from the larger storytelling community.

Participants can email questions, before, during and after the webinar to:


Storytelling Webinar

Wed Oct 31, 2007 00:00 - Mon Oct 29, 2007

On Wednesday October 31, 2007 in the first storytelling conference ever streamed on the web five panelists will tell their stories and in doing so open themselves to questions about their stories, from conceptualization to issues and methods of storymaking. For the two weeks following the panel discussion we want to hear from you with any questions or issues with what our panelists said. Our panelists will reveal their stories to the audience and talk about their craft. We want to build the storytelling community world-wide with you.


New Post-Graduate Program in Interactive Digital Media in Canada

Centennial College Launches New Post-Graduate Program in Interactive Digital Media in Canada

May 2007, Toronto, Canada - The Centre for Creative Communications, Centennial College in Canada is pleased to announce the new Interactive Digital Media program (formerly known as the New Media Design Program since 1997), responding to a rapidly evolving industrial and cultural landscape in new media in Canada.
The Interactive Digital Media program is a post-graduate, collaborative and project-driven program preparing creative students for new careers in media and innovation in Canada’s fast-growing digital media economy, via intensive training in classroom and studio environments. The program explores and develops prototypes for the next generation of interactive and rich media content for online, web design and development, mobile, social networks, hybrid media, games, e-learning and interactive installations.
Emphasizing not only technical competence, but also diversity of thought, the Interactive Digital Media program creates a culture of risk-taking, problem solving and team building with industry involvement in early stages of the program and a 320-hour professional industry field placement (internship).
Careers opportunities include:
Online Producer
Interactive Project Manager
Interactive Visual Designer
Interactive Media Art Director
Interactive Marketing Specialist


For more information about the program, faculty and admission requirement please visit:

Or contact Marie Jose Crete, Program Coordinator at

The Centre for Creative Communications is a forward-thinking and creative campus of Centennial College and home of the School of Communications Media and Design offering industry driven programs in the areas of Art + Design, Advertising + Public Relations, Integrated Media and Journalism + Publishing.

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