Patrick May
Since 2002
Works in NY, New York United States of America

Patrick May is a programmer and painter. He founded the artist collective Open Ground and was the Director of Technology at from 2006-2008.

May received a BS in Studio Art from New York University in 1999. His work has been exhibited in New York, Miami, and Berlin, including Maiden Brooklyn, ZONE: Chelsea Center for the Arts, and the Galerie Scherer 8. He currently works in Brooklyn, NY creating intimate portraits of his friends and family.

Artists Wanted Competition

Artists Wanted – an open call for submissions.

The current Art World is rife with uninspired work. Too often artists are elevated based on who they know instead of the quality of their work. Our goal is to up-end that process.

Artists Wanted is a new and ongoing program designed to promote the great undiscovered artists of our time. Those selected will receive $2007 cash, an inclusion in our annual publication, and a solo show at the 3rd Ward gallery in Brooklyn. Runners-up will be listed and linked on the website and have the possibility of being featured in our publication. Submission deadline: Sept. 21st. Submission fee: $25 for 3 images. No previous exposure necessary. We want the best, most talented, undiscovered artists. We want you.

All information about submission available through


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Re-launch of


> Is the removal of posting to RAW by e-mail designed to funnel folk more towards the site & the other goodies therein?

The new "Discuss" section pulls together conversation across the Rhizome site. Comments on artwork and blog posts will appear alongside discussion threads. By aggregating different conversations under a single section and mailing list, we hope to create a growing and lively environment for discussion.

Also, a major change is the format of posts themselves. The internet is more than ASCII text, and now we can have posts with embedded images and flash movies.

Finally, by transferring the act of posting from email we can cut down on spam.

With these changes we hope to create a fertile ground for engaged conversations about art, media, and society.




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I've fixed these issues:

[*]html tags in titles
[*]bbcode flash tags
[*]bbcode text size

We are not yet supporting these bbcodes:

[*]right aligned text




Director of Technology's Report


I'd like to do something a little different for this report. Usually I
focus on completed projects, but in addition I want to talk about some of
our upcoming projects. First I'll report on our completed projects, but
please also check out the second section and let us know what you think.

Completed Projects

+ Server Speed (
We completed several back-end optimizations which dramatically improved the
performance of our webserver.

+ New Media Resources (
Last year we added two resource guides for members: a list of educational
programs, and a list of residencies. We recently added information on
relevant conferences, and a list of syllabi from New Media professors.

+ Commissions (
We just wrapped up our commissions cycle for the current year. In response
to feedback, we simplified the voting process: We encouraged voters to spend
time on the actual proposals by placing the voting tool on the proposal
websites; and, we allowed people to move from website to website instead of
returning to a main page. We also added comment functionality so that
artists could communicate with voting members.

More people voted this year than before -- 221% increase in participation in
the final round of voting -- and we were successful in steering traffic out
to the artists' sites.

+ ArtBase (
We performed three major changes to the ArtBase:

1) We improved the ArtBase submission process, by changing it from a
multi-step process requiring a great deal of coordination to one that is
more simple and less work for the artists.

2) We also made a significant change to how our site supports artwork.
Previously, only works submitted to the Artbase and approved by Rhizome
would show up on Member/User Profile pages. We've changed this process so
that now when an artist submits a work to the ArtBase, it is automatically
published onto their Member/User profile page. This gives artists more
control over content on their profile page, while making it easier to add
artwork to the ArtBase.

3) We are no longer cloning artwork. In terms of staff labor, cloning an
artwork is an expensive and time consuming process. Further more, the
server-side code in cloned artworks must be continually audited against the
latest security risks. We determined that we can't afford to continue our
current policy. We will continue to maintain all existing cloned artworks,
but we are no longer offering the "cloned object" option to new works. We
would like to support archiving works via zip/tgz/sit files on the server,
but we have not yet worked out the details.

Upcoming Projects

+ Creative Commons
We are currently working to give artists the option to share their artwork
using Creative Commons licenses. Creative Commons licenses allow creators
to stipulate, safely and legally, how their work can be used, remixed, and
redistributed by others.

+ Adding blog content to our reBlog
As you know, we currently have a reBlog in place. This software allows us to
re-publish new media art-related content from other organizations/ blogs, as
well as content from RAW. Soon, we are planning to write more original
content, i.e. blog, in addition to reBlogging. This increase in original
writing, that like Rhizome News will cover new media art ideas, projects and
events, will make our front page news stream even more of a powerful community

In Conclusion

Thanks for reading, and let us know if you have any feedback or questions.



Patrick May
Director of Technology
210 11th Ave, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10001
+1 (212) 219-1288 x202


Re: Re: I'M NAZI


In light of recent messages, we thought we should re-state the purpose of this list. Rhizome Raw is a list dedicated to the discussion of art and its correspondence to networked technologies and broader culture. The list has historically been uncensored and unmoderated to promote a sense of openness and also to allow for art that deals in spam or parody. We maintain this list and trust in you, RAW subscribers, to keep your commentary respectful. Thank you.




Director of Technology's Report, February 2007


I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to our Community Campaign. It
gave us great momentum into the new year, which kicked off with upgrades to
the ArtBase and Commissions programs.

== ArtBase

The structure of the ArtBase Metadata has been simplified to use two fields:
Rhizome Terms and Artist Terms which exist side by side.

The Rhizome Terms represent the vocabulary that has been available since the
ArtBase was founded. This field merges the subsets of genre, type and
keyword. Artist Terms is a new field that allows artists to label their
work with whatever terms they feel appropriate. By combining these two
systems, historical continuity is maintained while giving artists a richer
ability to describe their own works.

There is now a tag cloud of the ArtBase which presents the most active terms
across these two fields. :D

We invite all artists with works in the ArtBase to re-index their artworks:

As particular Artist Terms gain momentum and popularity, we will add them to
the Rhizome Vocabulary. We have yet to determine the exact process for
adding these terms, as we'd like to see how things play out.

== Commissions

Lauren already mentioned this year's Commissions Program, but just to
reiterate -- the 2007 Commissions cycle has begun! In response to feedback
from last year's cycle, this year will be a little different.

+ This year there are two categories of awards: one for an Artist project,
and another for a Community enhancement.
+ The first stage of voting will take place on the proposal web pages, via a
Javascript include.

For details and links, visit the commissions page:

== Upcoming developments

We are planning a future metadata upgrade to the Textbase, as well as other
visible improvements to the site. These projects are in the early planning

Finally, I am happy to share technical details about these projects if
anyone is interested. Let me know if you have any questions!



Patrick May
Director of Technology
210 11th Ave, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10001
+1 (212) 219-1288 x202