Member Since January 20, 2012

I´m a clinical psychologist specialized in expressive arts therapy and interactive developments focused on bringing cutting edge technologies to spaces where creativity and playing can bring transformation to people.

Working in the "spaces between" Human Science, Arts and Technology, gave me the chance of have been part of important projects, events ( DigitalCamp Rosario & Santa Fe, Tecnópolis ), MediaLabs (Interactivos at EFT Telefónica and CCEBA MediaLab), Workshops ( some of them for children with mental disability through art therapy ) and Universities ( professor at USAL, UP and IUNA). From this process I learn how to get to solutions thinking out of the box and how to concrete any idea through team working.

From a technical point of view, I have experience with low and hight level lenguajes as C, C++, Java and AS3, and lots of artistic-oriented frameworks such as GLSL Shaders, Cinder, openFrameworks, Processing and Arduino. That led me to teach myself several libraries related to natural interfaces ( OpenGL, OpenCV, openNI, Box2D, AssImp among others). Also have deep knowledge of Unix based OS (Linux, MacOS and iOS) what gives me the knowledge to make solid custom software.