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Vanessa Gocksch aka PatadePerro, is an artist that was born in the north but opted for the south. Traveling from Brussels to Miami then Mexico, now she resides in Cartagena de Indias on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. She studied visual arts with an emphasis in sculpture in Florida International University, La Cambre - Ecole Superieure de Arts Plastique and Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. She has worked in many different mediums including sculpture, etching, photography, installation, performance, video and documentary. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Mexico, Colombia, Brooklyn, Miami and London. As of the year 2000 she started venturing into the digital realm, self teaching herself the tools necessary to communicate and create in what she calls an indispensable medium when located in a “remote” region of the planet. She is presently performing as a video jockey under the name of Pata de Perro, as well as producing a documentary and developing the project Intermundos and its website.