Member Since October 21, 2002


Currently based in-between Bombay India, London England and www dot, nungu is a fluid digital entity, an autonomous cultural space in a constant state of construction, deconstruction, reproduction and re-assemblage. A fluid collective, engaged primarily in cultural and media orientated research, nungu views the network as a vast extension of the urban realm. It is within this context of an overmediated public sphere, in the vast media and city scapes, that nungu locates itself, attempting to make sense of the intersections of roots and wires, of cultures in transition and cultures of transmission, tracing the points at which embodied and the disembodied meet. Underlying nungu's fleshtronic explorations is a belief in the social potentialities of networked systems as autonomous zones engaged in cultural critique, in the importance of alternative media and sovereign entities existing on the fringes of state and corporate systems. Coupled with this is the belief that art and technology both should be accessible 2all.


Collaborators: Sejal Chad, Shefali Chad, Beatrice Gibson, Rahul Guha and Vivek Sasikumar

Many Thanks to Qusai Kathawallah, Akash and Solil Shah for infrastructural support, and to In2Cable India for their pioneering policy of static IP's 4 all!
Former Nungu Collaborators include Laura Bartlett, Amit Basak, Sumit Basak, Joy Chatterjee, Neha Choksi, Mukul Deora, Jasper Gibson, Grandmother India, Masta Justy, Vishwas Kulkarni, Gayltsen Lama, Alex Loden, Mani Rao, Ashim Ahluwalia, Monica Narula, Pratap Pandey, Vishal Rawlley and Tenzin Tsundue!