Noureddine EL HANI

Member Since January 21, 2008

Noureddine El Hani is a Tunisian painter, born in 1954 and currently living in Skanès-Monastir. He has a university formation in the field of visual arts (Masters, Ph.D., habilitation). For several years, he directed painting workshops and projects at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Tunis. He currently teaches research methodology in arts at the Institut Supérieur des Arts et Métiers, Université de Sfax, and supervises research projects (Masters and Ph.D. theses).
He started painting at a very young age. At age 14, he copied paintings from Monet, Degas, Cézanne, and other impressionists and then used them as inspiration. Later, he discovered Matisse, Klee, Van Dongen, and others. His first personal exhibition, "Signes", was in 1979. In 2002, he earned the Premier Prix Annuel des arts plastiques - Ministère de la Culture (Tunisie), the highest award given for painting in the country.
For the past few months, he began a new experience, that is, the creation of paintings through computerized tools.
Artiste peintre et enseignant universitaire en art plastique. J'expose depuis 1978. Je pratique depuis quelques mois la peinture numérique.
Expositions personnelles :
Signes, Galerie Irtissem, Tunis.
La migration des signes, Cité Inter.des Arts, Paris.
Signe au pluriel, Galerie El Kantaoui, Sousse.

Verticales/horizontales, Galerie de l’information,Tunis.


Acridiens et autres.., Galerie Chiyem, Tunis.


Sous le brasier des vagues, Galerie Chiyem.


*Les fleurs du silence, Galerie Chiyem.

*Tranche de parcours, Siège de Judy, Dar Chaabane.


Cent plus un, Galerie Chiyem.


Clénage, Galerie Chiyem.

Grains de peaux, Centre Culturel Inter., Hammamet.

Premier Prix Annuel des arts plastiques - Ministère de la Culture.