Nora Farrell


Member Since October 22, 2004

William Duckworth has composed over 200 pieces of music, and written six books and numerous articles, including "Making Music on the Web" (Leonardo Music Journal, 1999), and Virtual Music, How the Web Got Wired for Sound (Routledge, 2005). The recipient of four NEA and NEH fellowships, Duckworth is the founder of Postminimalism, and his Time Curve Preludes for piano define the style. In 1997, Duckworth, along with media artist Nora Farrell, began Cathedral, one of the first interactive works of music and art on the web. In addition to an active website, it incorporates new virtual instruments, and live webcasts by the Cathedral Band, including Seattle (1999), New York (2000), Brisbane (2002), and Tokyo (2003). Duckworth's recent honors include the 2001 ASCAP-Deems Taylor Internet Award, and the 2002 Award in Music from the Foundation for Contemporary Performing Arts.

Nora Farrell is a graphic artist and programmer. As a member of the Cathedral Band, she acts as the bridge between the on-stage artists and the global band, by moderating on-line PitchWeb players and mixing them into the performance. Farrell is also the Principal of Virtual Instruments, a multimedia design and programming firm, and the founder of Monroe Street Music, a recording and publishing company focused on contemporary music. Before setting off on her own, Farrell spent ten years in the record industry, at BMG, PolyGram, and TriStar/Sony. At Sony, Farrell was a member of the team that oversaw the development of Sony Music's first presence on the web. Farrell's client projects have included CD packages for The Hollies, Deep Purple, and MSN's On Air; a Clio-award winning web project for Pringles; websites and web projects for Lucent, Microsoft, Pearson and Avaya; and CD-ROMs for ITP, IBM, and AT&T. Her work has appeared at Streaming Media West.