Neil Winterburn

Member Since January 12, 2007

& greetings from the Flunstellas Organisation,
Myself & paranormal psychologist, Rob Petrov formed the organisation,
to provide a focal point for Flunstellas investigations in 2003.

To explain, a Flunstella is a Flock/cLUster/conSTELLAtion of
language, ideas & memories, that has been disembodied from an individual & so floats through social spaces, often interpolating with other Flunstellas.
They appear, to people with the ability to sense them, as fleeting apparitions of what cartresian philosophers called the theatre of ideas, (the myriad of sense impressions/ideas/memories that pass through each individuals consciousness).

At times, due to lack of empirical evidence, we have had to create
representations of how flunstella might appear, in the form of
interactive,collaborative, digital projects. When carrying out this research it has been vital for us to hand over maximum creative control to each collaborator, as they construct what they believe their Flunstella would look like.
Your Flunstella = Your language network.

We have learnt a lot from the orbs investigation community & in many ways we like to think of Flunstellas as orbs, the next level.

The site currently contains 7 free to download interactive digital research projects and will grow as our investigations expand.


Don't just read the introductory page,
Flunstellas are phenomenon that cannot be communicated in mere words,
Download some projects and see for yourself.