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RevoStageTM is a modular system for the construction of temporary portable staging for a variety of events. Each module consists of a carpeted deck panel which provides the surface and an inter-locking riser which supports it. The components are designed to be simply locked together to create various sizes and heights of staging using a minimum number of standard components.

Risers and decks are of lightweight construction. Staging can be supplied with a range of wheeled trolleys or flight cases for transporting to and from the location of your event. The weight of these transport staging will depend upon the specification and how they are loaded and must be assessed on an individual basis.

Revostage Staging deck panels include an extruded aluminium frame incorporating locking mechanisms at each corner (for securing to risers) and two per side (for locking units together). Within the frame is a laminated board consisting of a plywood/polypropylene honeycomb/plywood sandwich, with the working surface covered with carpet or vinyl to customer specifications. Weight (2mx1m panel) - is 18 kg.

Stages must be erected upon firm, level surfaces. When properly erected they will support 2 tonne per sq metre evenly distributed. They will also support very high point load weights. The correct size of riser is opened out by holding opposing corners and opening out to its fullest extent while on the floor.

Stage modules of the same height are simply butted up against each other in the desired location. The two locking cleats per side are locked using a quarter turn clockwise as are the corner locks.

Revostage portable staging is very popular for choir stages, and audio visual events companies who hire out Revostage around their local area.

Funding is also available under the banner of School Equipment, so that educational and leisure organisations can receive a large discount when buying portable staging equipment.

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