Natalie McKeever

Member Since January 9, 2008

I am a video and digital media artist pursuing artistic research to develop an understanding of the self, and the dynamic between physical and mental perception and experience.

I received my MFA in Digital Arts/ New Media, from University of California Santa Cruz, and my BFA in Visual Arts/Video from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts. My work has been exhibited internationally, including Media 1×1 at the Jersey City Museum, Women in Magmart in Naples, Italy, and the Athens Video Art Festival in Greece.

In past work I have focused on the aesthetics of memories, the kind of meditative thought produced by the imagery and movement of the road, and hypnotic and durational works that create an atmosphere for contemplation.

My current artistic pursuit considers our perception of selfhood as it fluctuates, both consciously and unconsciously, influenced by the feedback loop of body and mind. I examine the hidden relationship between our involuntary autonomic processes and (ostensibly) voluntary cognitive processes by integrating biosensor technology into interactive works to create a layered affective experience. In furthering my MFA Thesis research, I am interested in developing interactive works that allow the participant to compare their human selves with the physical structures of non-human animals in order to gain an acute understanding of the mechanisms within the human body, their relationship to cognitive selfhood, and the intertwined existence with other beings around them.