missa coffman
Works in Laurel, Maryland United States of America

missa coffman is a photo and new media artist with an interest in subverting new technology for creative purposes. her recent works incorporate the use of gps, handheld devices, social media, user-generated text and audio, wearable screens, infinitely looping video, and parallel alternate realities.

she received a bfa from the university of houston and went on to complete her mfa at indiana university in 2006. after several years of teaching, she left academia to become a full-time artist. she is the co-founder of farmhouse art collective and now lives and works in the baltimore/washington area.
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exquisite corpse mail art experiment

Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:00

United States of America

in conjunction with (re)solve, and as part of our ongoing effort to rethink the ways in which artworks are made and distributed, farmhouse art collective is hosting an exquisite corpse mail art experiment.

artists of all kinds and in all locations worldwide are invited to participate by contributing a page to one of several handmade accordion books that are now in circulation. once a book is completed, we’ll make digital copies of the corpse available to each participant.

it’s easy to get involved: just email us at farmhouseartcollective@gmail.com with 'exquisite corpse' in the subject line and include your mailing address. we’re also accepting event score submissions for (re)solve and stranger in a stranger land, from now until infinity.


(re)solve: call for event scores

Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:00

a farmhouse art collective multi-location event
february 19½ + infinity

experiments in purposeful and arbitrary-ness
collapsing the barrier between art and life

about the event:

in a world in which x is the norm, ever stop to wonder y ? farmhouse art collective invites you to counteract the z of modern living through collaborations in experiential art.

consider the constants in your life: how you move through space, the use of language. social ritual, routine. what you carry with you and what you leave behind.

now think of them as variables. for every a you encounter, (re)solve for b.
invert and repeat until you find another way.

to participate:

send an event score* that addresses the theme to farmhouseartcollective@gmail.com.

*an event score is a set of instructions for a meaningful action to be preformed.
the act of performing the score results in an experience that is the artwork.

we will begin posting selected scores to the farmhouse website on february 19½ for their infinite multiplication.

related tangents:

in conjunction with (re)solve, our revamped dead drop art exchange continues.
we are also hosting exquisite corpse projects by mail, rethinking how artworks are made and distributed.

if you are interested in creating a drop location or would like to be part of our mail art experiment, please mention it in your submission and include your mailing address.


farmhouse art collective - call for event scores

Tue Oct 30, 2012 00:00

stranger in a stranger land
a farmhouse art collective virtual event
10.11.12 + indefinitely

about the event:

farmhouse art collective, a divergent group of artists and thinkers, invites you to converge with us for an experiment in experiential art. our first-ever virtual event will feature anyone and everywhere performances based on the theme of stranger in a stranger land.

to participate:

send an event score (a set of instructions for a meaningful action to be performed) that addresses the theme to farmhouseartcollective@gmail.com. we will begin posting scores on the farmhouse website at midnight on 10.11.12 and continue indefinitely.

perform any or all of the scores, or as many as you can. document your experience, with words or with audio or pictures, if you like.

as with all creative processes, artifacts will inevitably be generated. perhaps poetry scribbled on napkins, or half eaten sandwiches. blurry photographs, or thoughts that snowball into something you never would have made before setting off on this adventure.

exchange them at one of our forthcoming dead drop locations, or send them to us and we’ll do something cool with them.