Martin Rieser

Member Since February 18, 2005


Studied both English Literature and Fine Art

1986 The Electronic Eye-European Media art , Watershed/ 1997 Arcade 2 Digital print

1997 successful lottery bid to fund a national digital arts DA2/ 2000 Arcade 3 installation

1988 First International Society of Electronic Artists (FISEA)

1990 The Electronic Forest

1993 Media Myth and Mania on From Silver to Silicon. Milia in Cannes; Paris; ICA Photographer’s Gallery, London and ISEA Montreal.

1995 Screening the Virus Watershed,Cambridge Darkroom residency, Shortlisted for a Wellcome Trust Sci-Art award

1996 Labyrinth F-Stop Gallery Bath,Cheltenham Festival of Literature, Oberhausen Film festival, ISEA Montreal

1999 Understanding Echo, DA2 Open Commission ,Cheltenham Festival of Literature, Watershed, Bristol and at ISEA2002 Nagoya Japan

2001 Triple Echo won an AHRB award

2002 co-edited: New Screen Media: Cinema/ Art/Narrative, BFI/ZKM,

2002 shortlisted for TRACE Online writing residency

2004 ACE Residency Coventry

University and AHRB Study Leave award

2005 Writing "Mobile Audience" on Mobile media artworks
I agree with Garrett and Charlotte that the show omits a great deal of perspective , particularly in understandings of history, cultural context and process, but is aimed a new audience ...