Martha Gabriel
Since 2007
Works in Brazil

Artist participating of several international digital art exhibitions, as, US, 2005; Soundtoys, UK, 2004; FILE (Electronic Language International Festival), Brazil, in 2003, 2004 and 2005; Cinetico\_Digital, Brazil, 2005, Ingenio 4000, Spain, 2005; prog:me, Brazil, 2005; SIGGRAPH Art Gallery 2006, FIAT Mostra Brazil at Biennial of São Paulo; Chain Reaction, Skopje; 7ART, Brasilia, among others.

Engineer, postgraduate in Marketing, postgraduate in Graphics Design and Master's Degree in Art. Pursuing the doctorate degree in Art at University of Sao Paulo.

Professor at the MBA and Digital Design courses and Coordinator at University Anhembi Morumbi. Director of technology at NMD - New Media Developers. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Speaker at conferences like: 1998 - “Web Design & Development Boston”, US; from 2000 to 2003 - “WebdevShare”, Indiana University, US; 2004 - featured speaker at “CUMREC”, Texas, US; “HighEdWebDev” 2004 & 2005, RIT, New York, US; “Consciousness Reframed 2004 - Qi & Complexity”, Beijing, China; SIGGRAPH2005, Los Angeles, US; “Consciousness Reframed 8”, Plymouth, UK; SIGGRAPH 2006, Boston, US; CHI 2007 - Computer Human Interaction Conference, San Jose, US; ELO Conference 2008, US; Consciousness Reframed 2008, Viena; ISEA 2008, Singapore; Chain Reaction 2008, Skopje; HighEdWeb 2008, US; Campus Party Brazil 2009; SCANZ 2009, New Zealand.

Awards: “Institute of Engineering of Sao Paulo” Award, Brazil, 1985; 11 “Internet Best” Awards in Brazil, 1998 to 2005; “Best of Track Presentation - Content, Design & Strategies” Award at WebdevShare, Indiana University, US, 2003; “Best of Track Presentation - Technical” and “Best of Conference Presentation” Awards at HighEdWebDev, RIT, New York, US, 2004; “FIAT Show Brazil” Award/Selection at Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil, 2006; “Rumos Cybernetic Art 2006/2007”, Brazil, 2007; "Best of Track Presentation: Posters", US, 2008.

Reviewer of LEA, vol 14, 2006; Networked Book,, 2009.

Curator of Upgrade! São Paulo.

Personal website at
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Fri Feb 13, 2009 00:00 - Fri Feb 13, 2009

I would like to invite you to participate of my most recent mobile interactive artwork, the SENSITIVE ROSE,
launched in nov/2008 at Nokia Trends São Paulo.

The brief concept of the work and the way of participating is explained below. It is a mobile interactive
artwork, so you will need a mobile device with a camera and a QRcode reader installed in order to participate.

[ ]s.

M a r t h a
martha gabriel



SENSITIVE ROSE is an interactive compass rose formed by mobile tags (QR codes) that map people's desires. The interactions happen via cell phone and the results can be seen in a large screen projection (or computer large screen). The work intention is to "navigate" in the desires of the people, in a secret way, through a ciphered poetics of tags, which can not be deciphered with naked eyes.

If you already have a QRcode reader installed in your mobile device: interact and visualize the work at

If you still don't have the QRcode reader installed: follow the steps below to interact and visualize the work -

1) Install a mobile tag reader (QR-codes and Datamatrix) in your cell phone or PDA - for example, the i-nigma, accessing the URL in your cell phone. It must be done just once.

2) Start the reader (for example, the i-nigma) in your cell phone and scan with the camera the QRCode (mobile tag) on the side - the software will recognize the code and will show the deciphered URL to be accessed via your cell phone.

3) Visualize your interaction in the SENSITIVE ROSE through the large projection (if you were interacting with it in a art exhibition) or via computer at