Mario Klingemann


Member Since March 26, 2004

If I have to choose a label for what I'm doing I find "computational artisan" fits best. Lacking an academic background and thus having only some very basic knowledge of art theory my approach to art is a rather simple one - I'm trying to discover and create beauty and I want to surprise and reward the viewer.

As a consequence I seek to bring my creations to a high level of technical perfection in code and aesthetics.

I believe that if the explanation for a supposed work of art has to be longer than the piece itself there is something fundamentally wrong.

My inspirations come from mathematics, physics or biology as well as psychology, music or classical art and especially in the combination of seemingly unrelated fields.

OFFF 07 Barcelona: Anavision
Art Tech Media 06 Spain: Flickeur Burning Liquid Sky
Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia: Everything is Holy
Toca Me 2008: Anaskop 1