Mario Hergueta


Member Since January 1, 1996

Mario Hergueta is an intermedia artist and curator.

He studied history of art and visual arts from 1988 - 1995.
From 1996-1999 he has lecturered at the University of Mainz, Germany.
In 2000, he founded and curated the gallery artcart.

Mario Hergueta works with different media to create images, sculptures, installations, drawings and conceptual netbased art.
His work relates to art, language, technology, architecture and offersvarious points of view on the world.
Hergueta uses the computer to begin the innovative process of creating new forms. As a starting point he often uses
conventional symbols such as words or individual letters, that can be changed through digital manipulation or transformed
through placing them in another context.

The search for new forms is a complicated process involving the transfer into another medium and a different context.
Transmission faults and transformation processes play an important role. Although Mario Hergueta borrows material from an existing corpus, new forms come into being through the process of composition.
Through this we see the meaning of technical in Mario Herguetas work, it is not a blind procedure, rather a way of developing awareness through the process of creating new forms.

Among the awards and fellowships he has been honored to receive are Stiftung Kunstfonds grant, Casa Baldi (Deutsche Akademie Rom Villa Massimo) grant, and the City of Mainz for the Arts Award.

He is collected by several public and private collectors. His art projects have been exhibited at national and international exhibitions both in private and public venues.