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Re: Re: Re: Your art

lee wells wrote:

> Hi Nel
> I feel that was stated very well and I agree.
> How about water?
> less than half a percent of the worlds water is pure.
> Here we go back to the "purity" issue.
> On a minor level just start encouraging artists to make beautiful art.
> Art
> not only engaging the mind but also the spirit and emotions.
> Positive Energy
> The war is out of our hands...
> Someday there will be no oil left and they are going to be fighting
> over
> water. So lets prepare now so we are ready 50 years from now.
> I just want to make art. Its fun and makes me happy.
> Cheers
> Lee
> on 9/30/02 10:51 PM, Nel Ivancich at wrote:
> >> I appreciate your intentions to use your art as a means of
> expressing your
> >> message. However, please don't place all citizens of Western
> society in the
> >> stifling context of their computer screens. Many of us look beyond
> the glib
> >> symbols of a hi-tech, high profit society and see the horrors
> created by
> >> those who write this fiction for their own profit and at the
> expense of
> >> innocents. My wish is that citizens from all regions of the globe
> will, as a
> >> result of witnessing, again, the extreme divisions "created" by our
> hawkish
> >> leaders, find our communal path to a more just and reflective world
> >> objective.
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and one of my favorites...

It is now no longer a question of accumulating scientific truths and discoveries. We need above everything to spread the truths already mastered by science, to make them part of our daily life, to render them common property. We have to order things so that all, so that the mass of mankind, may be capable of understanding and applying them; we have to make science no longer a luxury but the foundation of every man's life. This is what justice demands. kropoktin


Re: Community

cody wrote:

> Hey everyone, I just joined this site because I'm writing a paper for
> a college course. Basically, the topic of my paper is how digital art
> can develop a community. I was wondering if anyone could help me out,
> either by posting a reply, e-mail me or IMing me (AIM:sellout002).
> Essentially, I would like to hear from people who have been on the
> site for a while and have a deeper knowledge of how it works.
> Basically, have you made friends through the site (either online or
> off), have you obtained any jobs through the site, learned anything
> from discussions, etc. Really, any information would be a big help.
> Hopefully someone will take the time to help me out. Thanks.

this is an interesting example of an online community


wonderful job opportunity

Fri Jan 16, 2004 13:44

Dear Friends of BMC,

Our annual application deadline for our 2004 Residency Program is just a few weeks away, and we are looking to our alumni to help spread the word and encourage talented and committed writers, composers and artists to apply. Please give a nudge to people you think should come to BMC, especially folks you know who have never had a Residency. The application guidelines are available on our web page (, and people can always email us for more information ( All applications to BMC must be postmarked by February 1. Thank you for your help!

Also, Blue Mountain Center has two positions to fill this winter We are asking for your help because you are the ones who know Blue Mountain Center best and have a sense of what type of people we need.

We are looking for a new PROGRAM COORDINATOR in our effort to help replace Elise Kyllo who has decided to return to her home in Minneapolis full-time. The job requires someone who is mature, organized, humorful, and a self-starter. The work is varied, demanding and highly rewarding. The Coordinator is in residence for the Center


"[r]evolution:warface" at Pamela Auchincloss Project Space, 601 West6-8

Tue Oct 21, 2003 00:00 - Tue Oct 21, 2003

[r]evolution:warface" at Pamela Auchincloss Project Space, 601 West
26th Street, 12th Floor. Curated by Koan-Jeff Baysa. Twelve artists
author their own articles of war: Matt Callinan, Lambert Fernando, Fred
Fleisher, Brendan Klinger, Matt Jones, Mary Mattingly, Robert Piretti,
William Stamos, Jason Teraoka, Robert Thurmer, Bedel Tiscareno, Brad
White. 6-8


file sharing

Well, today we got the employee memo,

"delete all file sharing software and files associated with it now,
or we will assist you in doing so"

I was waiting for that, - funny though, I only got around to installing Kazza last week because I yearned to hear an old Joni Mitchell song.

It also coincides with my moving to a home office...

It occurs to me, what is the policy over at the new museum?