Margaret Dolinsky

Member Since April 27, 2003

Margaret Dolinsky is an Associate Professor at the Hope School of Fine Arts Research Scientist with the Pervasive Technology Institute and Fellow with the Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Dolinsky creates virtual environments and interactive art experiences that have been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, ICC in Tokyo, and the Walker Art Center. She was commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create “Cabinet of Dreams” a VR experience of Chinese antiquities. She has just returned from China where she exhibited an interactive high definition video dyptych “Emotable Portraits.” She creates digital projections for opera and experimental film. She designed interactive video for the American Opera Theater’s production “Annunciation + Visitation: Operatic Projections of her sexual insight.” Her research focuses on how digital art provokes shifts in perception and enhances sensory awareness. Her interests include virtual environments and wayfinding, visual creative anaologies, and portraiture.

Exhibitions include SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, ICC, and the Walker Art Center USA. Her work is published in Leonardo, Discover, Computer Graphics World, US News and World Report and ACM's Computer Graphics. Lectures include Tsinghua University (China), Ciber@rts Bilboa (Spain), Sensorial Net (Brazil), BEAP (Australia), and ISEA (France). She received an MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a researcher with the Planetary Collegium at the University of Plymouth, U.K.

Dolinsky is co-chair of the IST/SPIE Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality conference with Ian McDowall, Fakespace Labs.