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Net artist, media artist, curator, writer, street artist, activist, educationalist and musician. Emerging in the late 80's from the streets exploring creativity via agit-art tactics. Using unofficial, experimental platforms such as the streets, pirate radio such as the locally popular 'Savage Yet Tender' alternative broadcasting 1980's group, net broadcasts, BBS systems, performance, intervention, events, pamphlets, warehouses and gallery spaces. In the early nineties, was co-sysop (systems operator) for a while with Heath Bunting on Cybercafe BBS, dedicated to arts, technology and hacking.

Co-director and co-founder, with artist Ruth Catlow of the net arts collectives and communities-,,, also cofounder and co-curator/director of the gallery space called HTTP Gallery in London, UK. Currently involved in co-running, collaborating with many others on Node.London. Also co-curating various contemporary Media Arts exhibitions, nationally and Internationally such as Game/play a touring exhibiton.
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CREATIVE 2 PROFESSIONAL: 7 Things to Think About

“What cultured people want, in terms of language (and thought), is to be well-defined, correctly positioned in strictly combined terms, and this is what they call good speech, good thought, and good writing. But they do not realize that they are thereby creating a closed circuit that leaves no room for anything but what was there in the first place---except for the decomposition inherent to all closed circuits, like moss that grows in a hermetically sealed jar.” (Dubuffet 1989)


Digital Zoo - OPEN CALL Furtherfield Commission interactive mobile artwork

Mon Jan 06, 2014 17:00

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Digital Zoo - OPEN CALL Furtherfield Commission interactive mobile artwork.

Commission Award: £2,000
Deadline 5pm 6 January 2014
Launch: 11 February 2014

We are commissioning a new interactive mobile artwork to feature in Digital Zoo, an art exhibition that will tour to 6 shopping centres across the UK in 2014.

In this exhibition shoppers will be invited to experience the wonders, delights and fascinations of contemporary life in the “world wild web” - through art installations, projections and workshops.

The commission will be a new or existing work that engages people through their mobile phones – taking the everyday activities and environments of the different shopping centres as their context and playground.

The commissioned work will need to have a distinctive character in each different location.
We are interested in critical and playful works that change shoppers normal experience by connecting them with each other in unusual ways in their natural habitat – momentarily or for ever.

The work may take the form of an app, a game, an interactive sms, a treasure hunt, citizen documentary or choreography, psychogeography or ethology. It should work well across all mobile devices to enable the widest possible participation and would ideally include some interface that makes visible the live interaction.

Why Digital Zoo?
A trip to the zoo is still considered a good day out for all the family- its unique mix of experiences and encounters- surprising, smelly, tragic and beautiful.

By exchanging personal information with increasing frequency in every moment, on the move, we perform our daily digital lives in public for each other, as if in a public zoo. We are the animals and the visitors, the hunters, trackers, observers, naturalists, zoo-keepers, and educators and pundits.

The social effects of this collective public performance are still unknown. Digital Zoo invites everyone to take a few moments out from their shopping to marvel at the new ecology of human and digital behaviours as they come into existence.

Digital Zoo is curated and produced in partnership with CultureCode and Land Securities
Digital Zoo is supported by Arts Council England through the Strategic Touring Funding Scheme.

More about the Digital Zoo Touring Show

Key dates
Deadline for application: Monday 6 January 2014, 5pm
Announcement: Monday 13 January 2014
Production period: 15 January – 10 February 2014
Delivery: 11 February 2014
Launch: 13 February 2014
Public opening: 14 February 2014

The Application Process

Please send an application in the form of a single PDF document to include:
- a project outline (600 words max), describing the artwork you would like to deliver, your approach and how it addresses the touring exhibitions themes.

- a CV with selected links to interactive works and relevant previous experience.
- timeline: briefly describe how you will ensure that the project is delivered on time
- budget: include a breakdown of all expected costs
- maintenance plan/arrangements

Send the application electronically to Alessandra Scapin at by 5pm on Monday 06 January 2014.

Please enter 'Digital Zoo commission' in subject header.

If you have any questions please contact Alessandra Scapin by email. Applicants will be notified about the success of their proposal by Monday 13 January 2014. Upon entering your proposal you will receive a confirmation email. Sorry but we will not be able to offer any feedback to unsuccessful applications.


Mash Smarter Not Harder: An Interview with Benjamin Berg

Mash Smarter Not Harder: An Interview with Benjamin Berg. By Monty Cantsin.


Benjamin Berg (AKA stAllio!) has made a career for himself as a member of the Indianapolis-based art band Animals Within Animals (AWIA) since the turn of this century; Alongside this, Berg has emerged as the host of a rad radio program on Numbers FM as the founder/curator of ‘glitchgifs’ on Tumblr, and even as a Pillow-seller. Monty Cantsin corresponded with the artist recently by email for this interview.


Furtherfield and Contemporary Art Culture - Where We Are Now

Furtherfield and Contemporary Art Culture - Where We Are Now


Marc Garrett reflects on Furtherfield’s role and direction as a rhizomatic arts collective. He argues that the mainstream art world is becoming less relevant in contemporary life. He presents a selection of artworks, projects and events shown in their public gallery in Finsbury Park over the past 2 years and discusses Furtherfield's new lab space, the Furtherfield Commons. This presentation was given at the ICA, London and to students at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, Leicester in late November 2103.


Data-Driven Artists And Their Critics

Data-Driven Artists And Their Critics


Features Jonas Lund & Shardcore…

By Rob Myers.

Making art specified by a computer program is nothing new but artists using Big Data and Open Data are changing its relationship to artworld production. Can such software really replace artists, and if so are art critics any safer? Jonas Lund's "The Fear Of Missing Out" (2013) and Shardcore's generative art may hold some of the answers.

"Art fabricated by an artist following a computer-generated specification is nothing new. Prior to modern 2D and 3D printing techniques, transcribing a computer generated design into paint or metal by hand was the only way to present artworks that pen plotters or CNC mills couldn't capture. But a Tamagotchi-gamer or Amazon Mechanical Turk-style human servicing of machine agency where a program dictates the conception of an artwork for a human artist to realize also has a history. The principles involved go back even further to the use of games of chance and other automatic techniques in Dada and Surrealism."