Luca Leggero
Since 2004
Works in New York, New York United States of America


Luca Leggero is an Italian media artist and musician.
With his works he has made a personal reading of art history by relating it to the web ( loves, Malevich HTML, Fluxlines).
His recent interests revolve around the alternative use of mobile phones to create audio and video performances, music compositions and installations (Airplane mode, Over 425,000 ways to make noise with your smartphone, Filters, Party light).
He is the founder of the multimedia collective MAIS and he is part of the editorial board of the artist books publishing house

2013 “Dieci volte BAU”, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice
2013 “this is our house / this is our rules / and we can’t stop“, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2013 “It’s so A-typ(o)ical”, Galleria Studio Gennai, Pisa
2013 “ artist’s books in the post digital era“, transmediale, Berlin
2012 “Do it improvisation”, Museo del Vetro, Empoli
2012 “Electro BAU”, Museo Villa Croce, Genova
2012 “BYOB MILANO“, Museo Pecci, Milano
2011 “Over 425,000 ways to make noise with your smartphone“, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2008 “AHA Camping”, S.a.L.E., Venice
2007 “Allusions or: Histo/Reconstruction“, TAGallery, Internet
2007 “Fluctuate”, Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland
2005 “Arte contro la Killer-Cola”, C.S.O.A Forte Prenestino, Rome

2013 “Passaggi e atypici paesaggi” by Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo
2013 “Bau Una scatola di musica e arte” by Ilaria Sabbatini
2013 “Post-digital books ed editori atipici” by Simone Rebora
2013 “It’ s so a-typ(o)ical” by Ilaria Sabbatini
2008 “How to make a perfect Malevich using only basic HTML code (2006) – LUNK” by John Michael Boling
2007 “Click and” by Par sumoto.iki
2007 “F L U X L I N E S” by Jo-Anne Green
2007 “Fluxlines” by Random Magazine
2005 “Net Art loves Old Art” by Valentina Tanni
2007 “Corti d’autore: dal 16mm all’Html” by Elena Giulia Rossi, L’Unità on line
2004 “Sunday Laylines”
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Charlie Sheen Soundboard Smartphone Improvisation

Luca Leggero: Smartphone, Loopstation

Made using this app: Charlie Sheen Soundboard…unds.charliesheen


Something around Prince (as copyright symbol)

Prince abuse of copyright.
Prince is Symbol.
Prince is a copyright symbol.

A song made ​​by assembling fragments of songs by Prince.

This work is in the public domain.


Remembering LucasArts

Unfortunately Disney shuts down LucasArts….
This is my tribute I made in 2005…..
Bernard will live forever!



LUCA LEGGERO Over 425,000 ways to make noise with your smartphone

Fri Jul 15, 2011 07:00 - Fri Jul 15, 2011

New York, New York
United States of America

LUCA LEGGERO Over 425,000 ways to make noise with your smartphone FRIDAY JULY 15, 7PM Free Admission
“Not really understood in his hometown, Luca Leggero is an inexplicable phenomenon existing in one of the Italian fortresses of conservatism, and definitely a sparkle of hope for the small town of Lucca, Italy. I myself haven’t fully understood yet what he is doing. His work benefits from the unlimited boundaries of the net and from the resistance he finds in the physical environment he lives in. Doing what he does in the place he does it, is one of the most revolutionary things I can think of. He is therefore a friend particularly welcome to Microscope…and to New York!” A M
We welcome new media artist and musician Luca Leggero from Italy for a special night of sound performance. Leggero will present for the first time in the US his new project Over 425,000 ways to make noise with your smartphone, a sound improvisational performance made entirely by using a cell phone and a loop-station. Through the non-conventional use of the smartphone’s apps, he creates ever-changing sound textures by alternating free, ambient and junk-pop deliriums. Additionally, iPod clouds, a looped visual piece inspired by Cory Arcangel’s Super Mario Clouds will be on view.
Luca Leggero is an Italian new media artist and musician. His work is known for offering a personal new reading of art history. His project loves, offers electronic reinterpretations of classic artworks made by other net artists as well as his own works such as Malevich HTML, an HTML-based version of Malevich’s Black Square and Fluxlines, where Leggero shows only 1-pixel-wide lines out of 37 short Fluxus films playing. He is also a member of Italian multi-media collective and avant-POP, hack-rock, proto-noise, indie rock band MAIS. More info at