Member Since August 18, 2009

I am from Paris, France but I currently live in Cincinnati, USA.
I got a bachelor in film and video from a Paris Film School (ESRA) and a master of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati.
I started my career by doing music videos for bands. I have worked with bands such as Diet Audio, Illustrious Louise, The Guild Of Calamitous Intent, Talk To Animals, 8 Bit Destiny… I still occasionally make videos for musicians.
I am a professional VJay. I create live visuals for dance parties, concerts and happenings.
Lately have also started working with websites to create more interactive artworks. Websites allow me to explore at the same time every aspects of my creative practices (video, animation, design, computer generated images, photography, sound art, music).
My work is always very intuitive but in the end always deals with issues such as virtuality, fantasy, desire, limitation and confusion. I try to create worlds that are at the same time attractive and labyrinthine.