Lauren Comito

Member Since June 30, 2014

I recently moved to NYC after living in Philly for almost a decade. In Philly I founded and managed an artist-run studio/gallery space called The Sweatshop. In 2013 after completing my MFA in Painting at RISD I moved to Brooklyn.

I am a visual artist who works out of a cooperative space called Projekt722 in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In my studio I engage with multiple projects that may have divergent trajectories. Shifts in perception and the way in which we navigate through ‘space’ occur frequently. I cannot choose a fixed position but rather attempt to locate temporary placements. I produce work that is reactionary and in correspondence to a sensibility to control. My work explores notions of image construction, as seen in both painting and common digital processes. By utilizing a combination of procedures and chance operation, my work alternates between common digital processes and traditional methods of drawing and painting. I attempt to give physical form to things that solely exist in the digital realm and vice versa.