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IMGforums: Images from the Internet

Tue Aug 05, 2014 23:00

Toronto, Canada

August 13 – 24, 2014

The Internet has permanently altered not only the means in which we communicate, but also how we identify and place ourselves contextually.

As society becomes accustomed to reading symbols, glyphs and images in lieu of textual devices, it then follows that there is an exchange of “viral” images online which create their own subcultural dialogue (imgur, reddit and 4chan). These “forums “ build their own linguistic paradigms.

The proposed exhibition will explore what happens when these images leave the digital world and are injected into a physical, “real world” context (IRL). We are looking for work and experiments dealing with this subject matter; all mediums and presentations accepted.

Deadline for submissions: August 5th @ 11pm

Submission fee: $45 (2 submissions per fee)

Please include the following:
-Name, Title, Year, and dimensions of work
-Artist statement
-Technical requirements (if necessary)
-1 image per submission*

*Video links accepted.

How to submit: