Kristina Maskarin
Since 2004
Works in Rab Croatia

philosophical art anthropologist

Kristina studied applied arts and linquistics, but is actually a
new genre artist interested in exploring visual rhetoric and the intersections of art, activism and new technology. Since year 2000 Kristina is working primarily in digital media for internet. Her work have been shown internationally in online and offline venues such as Stoke Newington Festival, Art Addiction 1st Medial Biennial, Absolute, Artmajeur, D'Art etc.

Art background:
- traditional drawing and painting techniques;
- applied arts; / fashion styling & modeling,/ fashion desing, / textiles crafts ( dyeing, weaving), / photography, / silk-screen printing,
- mixed media, digital art

Lifelong Learning
Self Improvement
Liberal Arts, Humanities
Interiors, Design
Nature, Ecology, Societies
Philosophy, Theory of Mathematics,
Cognition sciences
Applied Anthrophology

- AtelierK Portfolio:
- Urban Island Environmental virtual project:
- Buy her work at D'Art:
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Re: Finally! an easy way to sell dematerialized art

Visited the site, here a quick review:

CONVENTIONAL, turned towards the stockholders for selling art od

an Artist who:

- Is living from his art or pretend living from his art
- Has a Bachelor or Master degree in fine art
- Has at least two exhibitions in galleries or museums
- Has plans and expectatives for his art carrer in the inmediate future


Re: Re: Re: Join the De-Tourism Center and rework the circuits of bucolic tourism!

Louis Christian wrote:

> yes, tourism does do all of this, but, it is largly based on the
> images that are created. this determines where the tourism industry
> will go later. when somthing is made into an image through tourism, it
> automaticly becomes important, apart of the spectical.
> not only does it speed up processes that are already in play, such as
> the political prejudicesthat you talk about, but also creates new
> monuments and things that would not normally be a tourist attaction.
> not only does it alter the enviroment around the attraction, like you
> stated, but it alters the idelogical enviroment around the attraction.
> this creates a new form of visual language.

Very true. It all melts down to a good 'product' design, but it has to deal responsibly with the people and environment. Fashionable outward 'good looks' do not always guarantee that these will be respected or cared for. I live on such an touristy place and beside being an artist, run a small travel agency myself. I am higly concerened with the overruning of the way of life and environment that is happening in the last decades; seems we are all ( tourist and hosts alike) falling under the tyrany of happiness, perpetual event-making and artificial paradises.