Kristina Maskarin

Member Since February 19, 2004

philosophical art anthropologist

Kristina studied applied arts and linquistics, but is actually a
new genre artist interested in exploring visual rhetoric and the intersections of art, activism and new technology. Since year 2000 Kristina is working primarily in digital media for internet. Her work have been shown internationally in online and offline venues such as Stoke Newington Festival, Art Addiction 1st Medial Biennial, Absolute, Artmajeur, D'Art etc.

Art background:
- traditional drawing and painting techniques;
- applied arts; / fashion styling & modeling,/ fashion desing, / textiles crafts ( dyeing, weaving), / photography, / silk-screen printing,
- mixed media, digital art

Lifelong Learning
Self Improvement
Liberal Arts, Humanities
Interiors, Design
Nature, Ecology, Societies
Philosophy, Theory of Mathematics,
Cognition sciences
Applied Anthrophology

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