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Portable Gallery - new show and call for works

Thu Jan 19, 2006 00:00 - Thu Jan 19, 2006
A show case for the creative arts on the web. Generously supported by PlayStation Portable. We have updated our show of Nordic creatives. Asa Riton, Miikka Lommi and Anders Trentemoller has charged the exhibite with more dynamic works.

The open zone is open for any artist or creator to submit. We reward entries!


Sorry, I'm too spiritually advanced for you honey

Sun Dec 18, 2005 00:00

New Release at The Portable Gallery:
"This project was inspired by the way we perceive and value ourselves in relation to other people." Asa Riton, Nollapan


Calling for entries - PlayStationPortable Gallery

Wed Nov 16, 2005 00:00

Today the 16th of November, the Portable Gallery Exhibition #002 at goes live - a cross-creative art exhibition based for the Nordic region featuring local creative collaborations. The instigators want to infuse the local art, design, music and media scene with new energy from cutting-edge artists, designers, DJ:s, filmmakers and photographers.

The second line-up will show select artwork involving music, film and photography. Three artists display three pieces for a period of three months, and some objects are limited-edition. The gallery is sponsored by PSP (PlayStation Portable) and the all the art pieces are available to download and view on the PSP console.
No Monkey Society
The line-up includes International art society Nollapan (a.k.a. No Monkey Society); represented by Asa Riton, Swedish artist and TM professional. The society debates art, politics, philosophy and science, and is a collaboration between artists, musicians, scientists and journalists. She has been documenting yoga flying for her artwork Superflyguys.

In an interview for Portable Gallery about her take on the new creative classes, Riton states that: “The cliche about ‘the artist as a rebel’ says more about society, than the actual state of being an artist - in a free and accepting environment art is a natural and integrated part of the contemporary culture.” (For a transcript of full length interview, please find contact details below.)
Sheep, Toys and Techno
Danish techno producer Anders Trentemøller of international DJ-fame is backed by graphic designers Mark Brunswicker and Tobias Røder. Their first presentation, called Rythmscape, is inspired by ‘movement, emotion and the surprisingly obvious’.

The third and final feature is Finnish filmmaker Miikka Lommi puts forward animation pieces Toys can Hip Hop and Sheep in Wolf Clothing. Having made his first film at the age of 3, he still claims that no human actor has ever fully grasped his creative vision. This is why he prefers to work with sheep and plastic toys: “They’re simply lovely to work with, so self-confident and super professional.”
A Creative Democracy
The Portable Gallery is ultimately a stab at achieving some creative democracy. Visitors to the site are urged to share their own artwork in the Portable Gallery’s Open Zone. Four of these contributions will headline the Final Show in May 2006.

Early next year, the exhibition series presents the Tokyo-based Norwegian artist and electronica DJ Cato Canari, Swedish artist and international fashion photographer Martina Hoogland-Ivanow, and Danish DJ Rune RK featuring designer Johannes Torpe.
More information
For additional info, interviews with artists and high-resolution images, please contact:

Jonas Lindberg, Curator,


Portable Gallery Open Zone

Wed Oct 12, 2005 00:00

Submit works to our open zone and be on the short list for our commissions


New works are commissioned for Portable Gallery

Thu Sep 15, 2005 00:00

Ten creative professionals working with art, music, film and photography are commissioned to show select artwork at the Portable Gallery;, during 2005/2006.

The Portable Gallery agenda is to promote creative democracy: Visitors to the site can submit their own art on-line in the Portable Gallery Open Art-forum. Four of these contributions will headline the Final Show in May 2006.