Jo Murphy

Member Since December 14, 2002

I am an art teacher with a passion for personal development and the healing arts. I have an interest in all aspects of natural healing that promote inner balance and well being. The process I follow can be loosely described as the "Art of Recovery". It is a blend of simple lifestyle, mixed with an holistic approach to healing which empowers self expression through a variety of art forms. This process enables expression of the core inner truth for the individual, in a communal situation of high trust and abundance, allowing individuals to process thoughts, ideas and values that she may not have been able to access by a more verbal or cognitive approach.
I came across Suite 101 by accident and find the articles useful and informative. I find the internet a fantastic, creative medium for artists, students and teachers. It allows research, storage, presentation and interaction, all through a central medium which can easily be shared and evaluated. I have been working in this way now for about four years.
I am passionate about developing communities of like minded people who accompany each other on a path toward spiritual, psychological and physical health.
My website Busy Women is a Community Builder's Tool Box which has the focus of Community Workshops and Mural Creation.

My resume can be located at
Subjects Taught

Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, mural creation.
Web-design, digital imagery, digital presentation.
Short story, poetry, children's book writing.
Personal Development. Drug and Alcohol Education. Child protection.

Personal Dislikes
Addiction and coercion of any kind.