John Morton

Member Since January 1, 1996

- born Feb. 27, 1960
- began to learn black and white photography (developing, printing) in 1974
- first job as a reporter/photographer with "Briarpatch Magazine", Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; Nov.-Dec. 1979
- studied post-structural philosophy from 1980-85
- continued exploratory work in the area of visual linguistics from that point on
- worked with various environmental and First Nations groups from 1986 to present
- published in "Semiotext[e] Canadas" (1994) under pen name 'Lon Cayeway'
- currently reconstructing the origin of writing, with reference to the non-metrical image writing used in pre-Columbian times by the First Nations of North America (including the system of mapping used by the Aboriginal Peoples of North America)… check it out on my web site at
… particularly the "Introduction" section, where you will find authentic images of various hominid species (added Jan. 2003)!!!