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Jennie was born in 1975 and has been a practicing artist for 10 years, working on various projects based in both gallery and public spaces. Projects include and . recent projects include “Out In The World : An Exploration Of The View” shown at Meduse, Quebec City and “Out In The World : Domestic Flights”.

Her home website is
“What is Jennie Savage doing with her time? Being a re-historian. Standing at the intersection of place and perception asking questions about history in present time. And getting clear about how far she as artist/interventionist can uncover the answers without implicating herself in the process. Because any fixed position would imply agenda, social, political, cultural or otherwise and she’s not out to make a point but to observe them and above all to remain level with the participants in her work. So we see her intervene and then playfully back step by using ideas of randomness and chance narrative to openly relate that whilst map’s, collections, archives and indexes do exist navigation is still individual.
For Jennie history is made up of an event, a witness, and a record of both - followed by an endless cultural re-presentation & re-witnessing by a contemporary audience. How we record history isn’t really the question although in Scarchive she debunks the idea of traditional mechanics by exposing the body as a way of recording history. Really it’s the witness that plays the most central role in her work even when absent. She overtly suggests that perception is a cultural construct impacted by place and that we are constantly being asked to view history from a prescriptive standpoint. It’s a mono - view her work rejects. It’s a door she wants left open.
After all if history is made it can be un-made and re-made -along with our perception of it.
As artistic practice it’s also a radical reworking of the concern with the witness as critic where instead the witness is now subject as art and audience become synonymous. And what passes for history is of our own making. With a little help from Jen. “
Text: Bay Baker