Jeannette Lambert


Member Since January 1, 1996

Montreal web artist Jeannette Lambert began using the world wide web creatively in 1992 when she kept an award-winning, multi-media journal online. At the same time she began collaborating in cyberspace with visual artist Raquel Rivera to create web art that has been described as 'subversive feminist hypertext'. Their projects are featured in many international exhibitions and e-zines online.

Her first web art project was a streaming audio web art project with sounds gathered from the streets of New York City created in 1998. "One Night in Greenwich Village" is exhibited by the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts in Tokyo, Japan and also by Nomads in Washington D.C. Her follow up project, a streaming video work entitled 'Sunset on St-Viateur' examines notions of time and place in cyberspace, and was screened at ISEA2000 in Paris in December 2000. It has been screened at festivals in Australia, Canada and the U.S.

She combined original jazz music with black and white super 8 footage to create her internet film entitled 'Givre'. It has been featured at the Streaming Cinema Festival in Philadelphia and Korea. 'Givre' was also presented at net.congestion in Amsterdam. She created a Flash animation of hand-coloured photos, 'As Saturn Sweeps Past'. This piece was featured on the Adobe website in December 2000.

Jeannette studied film production and theory at York University in Toronto, and produced a video documentary for their community outreach department. Her background in music as a professional jazz vocalist/poet inspired her to create the website Jazz Grrls, a guide to women in jazz on the Web.