Jaanis Garancs


Member Since January 1, 1996

Website: plus.x-i.net/

Jaanis Garancs

After studies at the Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga/Latvia; Royal University of Fine Art (KKH) in Stockholm/Sweden and the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in Cologne/Germany, continues to work as artist and consultant in areas of interactive multi-media installations, Virtual Reality, Internet and cultural network projects.

Recent solo and collaborative artworks — interactive and networked installations, featuring synthetic urban landscapes, geo-encoded and location-aware media - manifested in audiovisually intensive stereoscopic 3D projections and multi-channel audio, engage with concepts of contemporary theoretical physics, communication and evolution theories.

Another artistic research focus is “multi-media performance”, using self-developed “VR instruments” - virtual multimedia interfaces. Main aspects are exploration of the limits and extremes of audiovisual perception, experiments with artificial synaesthesia (crossing of sensory pathways) and treating immersive environments as place and tool for aesthetic experiments.

Participations with exhibitions, projects, lectures in many international events:

* Ars Electronica (1997,1998,2002) - Linz/Austria;
* EXPO2000 - Hanover/Germany;
* ISEA2004 Helsinki/Finland;
* DEAF04, Rotterdam/the Netherlands;
* Transmediale, Berlin/Germany;
* IMC EXPO, New York/US
* Art+Communication, Riga/Latvia

and venues such as:

* SAT, Montreal/Canada;
* BNMI - Banff/Canada,
* ICA - London/UK;
* Chelsea Art Museum, New York/US;
* Point Ephémère, Paris/France;
* Kiasma, Helsinki/Finland;
* Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden;
* RIXC MediaSpace, Riga/Latvia
* City Theatre, Reykjavik, Iceland
- among others.

Project Manager at RIXC (http://WWW.RIXC.LV) - Riga New Media Culture Centre;
Director of RIXL studio (http://www.RIXL.com), developing immersive audiovisual systems for live events, data visualisation and various hybrid environments


* 2004: V2\_Lab, V2, Rotterdam/The Netherlands
* 2003: NIFCA new media artist-in-residence at SAT, Montreal, Canada
* 1999: Spritzenhaus, Culture Ministry of Hamburg, Germany

Scholarships, Grants:
* PlayList European Residencies
* NIFCA - Nordic Institute for Conteporary Art
* Latvian Cultural Capital Foundation (KKF)
* APEXchanges - European Cultural Foundation:
* The Soros Foundation - Latvia;
* The Rotary Club - Stockholm;
* The Swedish Institute

and some more…