Ivan Abreu


Member Since September 15, 2002

Ivan Abreu (Havana 1967) In his artistic practice he pursued constructing esthetic systems with new identities to redefine perceptual phenomenology of contemporary society.
The development of his work can be considered as a frontier process that redefines limits, articulates resources and supports as software, user's interface, quotidian objects, vernacular techniques and the exposing space morphology, among others.

His works have been exhibited at:
Development Center of Visual Arts, Havana, 1996. / Art and Design Center. / Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, Havana, 1996. / University of Quebec, Montreal, 1996. / University of Quebec, Hull, 1996. / The Konstfack Gallery, Stockholm, 1997. / Stockholm National Museum, 1997. / Visual Art Center, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, 1999. / Wilfredo Lam Center, Havana, 2000. / Cinematographic Center Gallery, ICAIC, Havana, 2001. / Fine Arts National Palace, Mexico, D.F., 2001. / "Inforn