Member Since January 1, 1996

From nature to circuit boards, I am interested in the tension between what is ordered and what is random. There is a fundamental order in the manmade industrial world as well as in nature – but there is also chaos. I find beauty in the arrangement of things. I find beauty in accidental or arbitrary occurrences. I find beauty in chaos. The lights and shadow created by dense foliage in a wooded area with sunlight peeking through the leaves, the movement of waves in the ocean, the flickering of sunlight on the ocean surface, the network of arteries and veins in the human body, the view of a city as seen from above: I find all of these images fascinating.

When I don’t find order, I create it. When I find order, I disrupt it.
My work has been included in exhibitions at the Newark Museum, the Montclair Museum, the Hunterdon Museum and the Noyes Museum in New Jersey, The University of Michigan School of Art and Design, and The Royal Academy in London. My work is also included in the collections of Price Waterhouse Coopers, McKee Nelson LLP, Shering Berlin, Ducati/ Texas Pacific Group, AT&T, IBM as well as private collections. I received a 2002 Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.