Honza Svasek

Member Since June 6, 2008

Website: HonzaSvasek.nl

My name is Honza Svašek, I was born in 1954 in the Netherlands.

I am a Linux, Unix, Networking specialist with more than 20 years experience and a skilled debugger and trouble-shooter. Since 1996 I make computer music. In 2004 I started working with Javascript Animations and Web Design. Beginning 2007 I changed my focus away from commerial programming projects and concentrated on creating Interactive Digital Art. Since beginning 2008 I have a art production shop in Rotterdam.

I studied Physics at the Delft Technical University. After 2 years I knew how to program in Algol and PL1, how to make holograms and how to operate punchcard machines. I also had learned a little Job Control Language.

The programming virus got me, but academic life was nothing for me and after I completed my propedeuse and left with my girlfriend to see the world. We sold everything and set of for Norway. I never arrived there but ended up in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I worked for 7 years at a small publishing house as a graphic designer before returning to the Netherlands in 1983 with a wife and two daughters.

Back in the Netherlands, I soon found a job at the Dutch Refinery from Kuwait Petroleum. My task was managing and programming their IBM 360 type mainframes, but after a few month something incredible happend.

I am still not sure, but apparently one of the top Kuwait bosses shared an atlantic flight with Ken Thompson, resulting in a telex explaining that no more finances would be approved for non UNIX projects. After the initial shock faded away, I ordered the first Unix system, learned basic UNIX hacking from the founders of AT Computing, became member of the NLUUG and got on-line via UUCP at the incredible speed of 2400 baud. The year 1984 had begun…

From 1985 until 1996 I worked as a freelance Unix specialist on a score of projects for customers in Holland, Denmark, Germany and he UK. I programmed in C

In 1997 I moved to Miliře, a small village in the Czech Republic, to find my roots and to learn a bit of the Czech language. I did some commercial projects to cover my living expenses.

From 1997 until 2005, whilst based in he Czech Republic, I travelled a lot, had a good time :) and experimented with computer generated music, mainly with csound. Also I created sound installations where recorded sound of a space is chopped up in one minute intervals, randomly played back in the same space, whilst recording the sound of that space, creating strange strange multible feedback effects. I lived within one of these installations for 3 months.

At the end of this period I got more and more interested in Grapic Design, applying what I had learned much earlier on the drawing board and in the darkroom on the computer using HTML and Javascripti abd Gimp (and a little bash, python, perl as 'glue'), Some of this work is published on the internet as the Tachov X Meuseum of InterActive Art

In the end of 2005 I moved back to the Netherlands, for family reasons. Here I learned php and continued playing with graphics on my Linux box. I created the website www.honzasvasek.nl where part of my work is published on the internet.

2006 I lived spent my time 50% in the Netherlands and 50% in the Czech Republic, continued exploring Javascript and HTML for art production. I build 'mouse boots', shoes with build in wireless mice. With a self developed program that translated the mouse events to midi events I could control synthesizers by dancing. During a summer workshop at the Sju Huis in Utrecht I performed successfully with this system.

2007 I participated in the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival. I worked as a volunteer, and followed the DIY Networksworkshop, where I got introduced to circuit bending and expanded my knowledge of pdp. Later that year I created 4 mosaics with embedded linux systems.

2008 I found a place in Roterdam Zuid, on the Katendrechtse Lagedijk where I set up Werkplaats LUNA-TIKS.