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Gita Hashemi is an extra-disciplinary artist, cultural activist, writer and educator. Her formal arts training started at the School of Fine Arts, Tehran University, and, after leaving the Islamic Republic, continued at CSUN, California. She left the United States in 1991 in protest against the first war on Iraq, and has since been residing in Toronto, Canada, where she has worked in theatre, film, video and digital media. She has been involved in many participatory, collaborative, networked and community art projects in Iran, the U.S. and Canada, and has served on the boards of a number of artist-run organizations. She teaches critical theory and practice in time-based art, new media and performance/interventionist art as adjunct faculty at York University, and at University of Toronto at Scarborough. She has an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Among other projects, Hashemi's work includes "Geometamorphosis of Exile and the Moon Chronicle" (1996, CD-R), "steps to the moon" (1997, netart, in Rhizome artbase), "Hypernomadic Textual Journies" (1998, netart), "Shifting Shadow Solitude" (1999, netart), "Of Shifting Shadows" (2000, CD-R), "The Word Room" (2001, collaborative installation and netart), "A War Primer" (ineractive sound art, 2001), "Post-Coitus" (netart, 2003), OliveFair (intermedia, 2003), Acts of Being (intervention, 2005), OpinionWare (extradisciplinary, 2005), La Nueva Vida (blogart, 2007), Ephemeral Monument (installation, 2008) and YorkIsUs.Org (intervention/netart 2008).

Her CD-R "Of Shifting Shadows" received the Independent Projects Award (disk-based) at Baddeck International New Media Festival 2001, and was a highlight of the SIGGRAPH 2001 art exhibit. In 2002, Hashemi received the Toronto Community Foundation/InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre's Award for her sound installation "A War Primer."

Hashemi's curatorial work includes Trans/Planting (2001); Negotiations, from a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace (2003); Will (2003); RealPlay (2004-06); Locating Afghanistan (2004-06); Autoliberacion (2007).

Hashemi is a founding member of the Post-Exile Collective, Creative Response and YorkIsUs, and the founder of IAD (Iranian Artists in Dialogue).

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Other URLs (2010- ) is a portfolio site which also functions as a domain base for some of my older projects.
* Plot 17 (2010)
* The Word Room (formerly at WordRoom.Net, 2001)
* Trans/Planting (formerly TransPlanting.Net, 2001)
* Post-Exile Collective (2001-02)
* Many Stones for Palestine (2002)
* Of Shifting Shadows (2000)
* Between Parallel Mirrors (2000)
* Shifting Shadow Solitude, II (1999)
* Shifting Shadow Solitude, I (1999)
* HyperNomadic Textual Journeys (1998)
* Steps to the Moon (1996)
* Geometamorphosis of Exile and the Moon Chronicles (1995) (2003- ) originally started as a broad database of all sort of material, and soon began to function as a chronological archive of my work since 1995.
OpinionWare.Net was established in 2004 as a (data)base for overtly political interventionist projects. For practical reasons which soon became also politically/conceptually relevant, this domain also hosted a couple of my teaching sites in 2008-09.
* York Is Us (originally YorkIsUs.Org, 2008-09)
* New Media Courses taught at University of Toronto (2008-09)
* Ephemeral Monument (2008)
* Iran Solidarity Sit-in (2009)
* La Nueva Vida (2007)
* Iran Solidarity Vigil (2007)
* Iran Solidarity Sit-in (2006)
* Acts of Being (2005)
* Creative Response (originally CreativeResponseWeb.Net, 2002-2005)
* Negotiations (originally Negotiations.Net, 2003)
* Will (originally part of Negotiations.Net, 2003)
* Olive Fair (originally, 2003)
* Post-Coitus (originally PostCoitus.Net, 2003) (2004- ) started as a concept and collaborative effort (with Haleh Niazmand and Daniel Ellis) in 2004, with two projects materialized already (pdf downloadable). It is now a solo enterprise with more projects coming to fruition soon.
* Illuminations (2010- )
* In Contact in Iraq (2005)
* Locating Afghanistan (2004)