Gabriel Bercovich

Member Since August 29, 2010

Right now I´m living in Buenos Aires after being travelling for around a year and a half. I´m an electronic artist and a musician as a hobby. In 2004 I graduated from Sonica school as an electronic musician and in 2005 I started the Electronic Arts career in UNTREF, where I got the Audiovisual Bachellor degree in 2011.
Back in 2005, due to my electronic music production, I was selected among thousands of contestants to participate and play his music in the Red Bull Music Academy, which was placed in Seattle (USA). Besides, I have worked as a music composer in film and theater productions, and has made music compositions for visual artists as well.

Some of my work was exposed in MUNTREF, Outsider, and in CC. Recoleta in Buenos Aires. In Australia I worked with snuffPuppets doing visual arts for the show everybody.