Fred Murie


Member Since March 7, 2007

Fred Murie develop an artistic practice balanced between tangible reality and digital reality.His route oscillate between a scientific formation and an artistic learning.His work was directed since many years towards the use of digital techniques and the realization of interactive fictions presented on the web. The net is for him alltogether a medium, an exhibition space and an experimentation place.Beyond the web site, he put in space his animations through interactives installations which confront the digital and everyday life (médiathèque Lucien Herr-Rennes, Envie de Ville-Rennes, INSA-Rennes, La Maroquinerie-Paris). He took part in Videoformes Festival 2006 (Clermont-Ferrand) and received a "Arts Plastiques" Bursary of Rennes City in 2007. He is member of franco-quebecers artists collective "Les Ateliers Convertibles".