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Texas Sports Outlet will launch during fall of 2017. The store will be online in time for the heart of Texas sports during the year - fall football season. TSO will feature a variety of sports apparel for the pro teams in the state including the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans & others. Along with the pros, Texas sports fans have always loved their college teams, and the store will provide tons of quality apparel to show off team pride everyday. Store will feature items featuring the Texas Longhorns, Texas Tech, SMU, Houston, Rice, Texas A&M, Baylor, Sam Houston State, and other top schools that get the fans of the Lone Star state fired up each week. Along with the apparel, there will be a variety of insights & opinions about the top games around the state each week, as well as a look at the top high school prospects around the area. High school sports in Texas is known as religion for many small towns. Each Friday night, Texas Sports Outlet will take a look at a top game around the state and look at star players who could be lighting up the field on Saturday or Sundays down the line. Texas Sports Outlet looks to build into one of the top online sports apparel stores in the state over time. Keep an eye out for great deals on jerseys, jackets, hats, t-shirts & other top products that will show off team pride at work, school, & anywhere else.