francesco michi


Member Since March 4, 2002


Francesco Michi lives and works in Firenze, Italy, where he also took a degree in Philosophy and then in Electronic Music. In 1982, he founded FORMAT - architetture sonore -,a group of musicians/composers working in the field of electroacoustic and computer music. Though having different musical background the members of FORMAT shared a common research and activity regarding the relations between sound and environment. FORMAT's line of research and operation is twofold. The first one consists in experimenting new creative approaches with the materials which technology, especially the "plain and simple" one, offers to daily use; the second one consists in studying the acoustic environment and its modifications, and in operating on them
Francesco Michi and FORMAT have published several theoretical essays and realized sound installations, performances, sound sculptures, sound and musical machines, radio programmes etc., in Italy and abroad.
Since 1996 he performs in concerts presenting two kind of programs, one with his own composition and one about the experimental music since 1950
Since 1997 he is interested in music and web, as theoretician and projecting and realizing musical web-based operations.